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  inneedofhelp 23:02 18 May 2005

PC 1
win xp sp2,
BB provider=telewest
pc connected to linksys wireless g adsl gateway, then in return is connected to my cable modem.
win xp sp2, wireless network card.

Pc1 can connect to the pc easily enough, however pc2 can detect the network and 'connect' to it, however when i click internet explorer nothing appears. Now i know it can do because it had it working breifly for 15 mins, but then changed something and now it wont. PLEASE help

  inneedofhelp 23:21 18 May 2005


  mgmcc 10:38 19 May 2005

<<<pc connected to linksys wireless g adsl gateway>>>

Something doesn't sound right. Telewest broadband is a "Cable" service, not "ADSL", and you should be using a stand-alone router that doesn't include an ADSL modem.

The router's WAN port is connected by ethernet cable to the Telewest cable modem and the PCs connect to the router, either with an ethernet cable to one of its LAN ports or "wirelessly". A combined "Router/ADSL Modem" cannot connect to a cable modem.

If you have actually got a combined "Router/ADSL Modem" and are connecting to the cable modem via one of its LAN ports, it will be acting as a basic network "switch" to connect the cable modem and the two PCs. This means that the first PC to connect to Blueyonder will get the one IP address it allocates and the second PC will be unable to get online. It is because an ISP only allocates one IP address that a router is used to allocate IP addresses in one of the ranges reserved for use by Local Area Networks. It then "routes" the internet traffic to the relevant PC on the network.

  inneedofhelp 11:10 19 May 2005

i think u r right, i will go out a nnd buy a router for cable modens and let u know how i get on

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