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  khaki_avenger 09:36 03 Feb 2005


I have a local area network setup consiting of a PC, Mac and a Laptop they all go through a switch and share internet, printers, files etc....

I recently decided to go wireless so that i could use my laptop anywhere in the house. So i have bought a Netgear MA521 Wireless PC Laptop Card and a Netgear ME102 Network Access Point. I installed the Laptop card in my Laptop and the Network Access Point into my Switch

The Laptop Card installed ok and was scanning for a wirless network the problem i have now is that the switch is not recognising the Access Point.. I have installed the software and plugged in the usb lead in order to use the console. Windows XP does'nt seem to recognise the driver or the hardware.

I have tried to manually install the driver but to no avail.

Has anyone got any ideas? I'm pretty good with PC's but this is the first time i have ventured into wireless therfore struggling to understand what i have or could be doing wrong.

Thanks in Advance

  khaki_avenger 14:17 03 Feb 2005


  FelixTCat 15:23 03 Feb 2005

Try disconnecting the 102 from the switch and connecting it by USB to your PC. Disconnect the PC from the switch. Install the software and configure the 102. Can you now network to the laptop?

How don you connect to the internet? Which computer serves DHCP, or is it the switch?

Check the 102's instructions carefully; do you need a cross-over ethernet cable to connect it to a switch, or is a standard cable OK?

  khaki_avenger 15:58 03 Feb 2005

I connect to the internet via a USB modem the apple and the laptop go through a simple proxy server attched to my main PC.

I assume its the switch that serves DHCP but i'm unsure.

The instruction do not tell me to use the crossover cable although an adapter was supplied.

  FelixTCat 18:27 03 Feb 2005

It may be that the 102 is also rying to serve DHCP, in which caseb a conflict could occur. Turn off the DHCP server in either the switch or the 102

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