Wireless Network for future reference.

  Rennaissance 22:21 30 Dec 2003

Hello all. I currently have a wired network in my house via a router. And might upgrade to wireless when i have the money ;) What exactly do i need for a wireless network? I have two computers and a lynksys router and ntl internet bb.

  hugh-265156 23:16 30 Dec 2003

click here and click here may help a bit.i have no experience with networks myself sorry.

  Forum Editor 23:48 30 Dec 2003

1. A wireless router with built in ADSL modem

2. A wireless network adapter for each computer. This can take the form of an external USB model or a PCI card in the case of desktop machines, or an external USB or PCMCIA card type for laptops. Alternatively, you can get very neat little adapters that plug into a USB port on either type of machine.

That's it - install the software for the USB adapters before you plug them in, and configure the router by connecting it to a computer with the supplied lead. Plug the other supplied lead into an ADSL enabled phone line. Once the configuration is completed you can unplug the lead and the router will do its stuff. The router will automatically handshake with the exchange equipment and authenticate itself by submitting your username/password combination. It will do this each time you switch it on - you don't need a computer to be running to share the broadband connection, the router runs independently.

  Rennaissance 00:28 31 Dec 2003

the thing is can get a router with a built in cable modem, as i am using ntl's cable, which is ethernet and usb.

  Rennaissance 00:30 31 Dec 2003

btw thanks for this information huggyg71 and FE.

  sdf 00:35 31 Dec 2003

I strongly advise you to check out click here they have the most informative and helpful section on WiFi ive come accross. Also their products in my opinion are second to none!

  sdf 00:37 31 Dec 2003

that link was meant to lead you to click here teach me for typing a link instead of copying!

  Rennaissance 12:00 31 Dec 2003

thankyou sdf, that was a great link. I have one of their products already and am very happy with it. Will look to them in the future if ever i get a wireless network.

  kleefarr 11:16 07 Jan 2004

I have a PC in one room. This uses a BB internet connection via an telephone extention lead from
A phone socket in another room. I also have
An xbox downstairs (want to go LIVE) and a laptop.

I have decided to go ethernet wireless.... what do I need?

Do I need a wireless adsl modem/router in room where phone socket is?
A wireless game adapter for xbox?
A wireless card for Pc in other room?
And a wireless card for laptop?

Any help would be useful. I don't want to get the wrong stuff.


  Rennaissance 13:59 07 Jan 2004

kevin please open your own thread, i will now close this one.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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