carvosso 09:39 17 Oct 2013

Thank you "onthelimit1" very much for your reassuring reply - if you happen to see this! I’m currently awaiting delivery of a wireless router– I’ve gone for a Netgear N750 WNDR4300 wireless dual band gigabit device. I've been looking at click here
as a good general guide for setting up routers, so in preparation I’ve been diligently collecting data such as IP addresses, MAC addresses and the SSID & p/w of my fairly new wireless printer an HP Photosmart 7520. Does my Sony VAIO Laptop also have (or get) an SSID and password when I go wireless or just an IP address – please excuse my ignorance but I’m new to the wireless stuff? Can I also please pick your brains (or those of others who might read this) on this question? My WIMAX modem is currently in a simple wired Home Network which appears to have a password ( I can see this p/w via Cntr Panel, Network & Internet, Network & Sharing Centre, click on Home Network, then Home Network again to reach Set Network Connection page. Then click View or Change Home Network settings then click View or Print Home Group password) I never need to use this p/w as opening Internet Explorer goes straight to Google, and the connection is of course always on. I think the p/w must have been automatically generated by Windows 7 when I first got my Sony VAIO laptop and plugged in the already present WIMAX modem that I was using with an older Compaq machine. As I recall Windows 7 discovered the WIMAX pretty quickly and led me into the setting up of the Home Network. So my fundamental question is this; does this Home Network remain when I introduce the router and plug the Modem Ethernet cable into it, or does it get replaced by a new wireless network, or maybe does a new and the old somehow “talk” to each other? My primary concern is that I don’t mess up the functionality of the existing wired WIMAX broadband system whilst trying to set-up the wireless.

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You appear to be addressing this to someone who, responded to an earlier post in another thread. Please do that in the original thread, don't start a new one, as it is very confusing for others.

Here's a link to your original thread.

  meddiejnr123 19:27 20 Oct 2013

Hi Carvosso,

In hope i understand what you are asking so please tell me if i am mistaken. in regards to the question, *"Does my Sony VAIO Laptop also have (or get) an SSID and password when I go wireless or just an IP address"*

An SSID or Security Set Identifier is omitted by a wireless router (in the home environment in your case your Netgear N750 WNDR4300) your sony VAIO laptop will discover your wireless SSID and attempt to connect to it. about 99% of wireless routers supplied by an Internet Service Provider (or ISP) or bought on the high street come preconfigured with a security key that you will need to enter in when you connect to you home SSID. There are occasions where networks are open authentication but this provide no security.

for the bottom part of you question if you are replacing the deivce that is supplying you wireless currently your SSID will change so all your machines that you have connected to it will need the new details when discovered. If you have a device that is plugged in to the home router via an Ethernet cable this will connect directly to your internet connection (as the assumption is the router is in your property so minimal security is needed.) Protection is only on the wireless to stop unauthorized people sitting outside your house using something you are paying for and casing malicious behavior.

I hope this helps in any way.

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