Wireless network file printer share problems

  [DELETED] 23:04 04 May 2006

I have winxp running on both my desktop pc and sony laptop which are on ethernet / wireless network using Linksys WAG54 modem router.
I can surf on the internet from my laptop using the wireless connection but when try to locate files and print documents from my laptop through my desktop pc, the laptop is unable to access my desktop pc.
The laptop has Nortons firewall installed & desktop pc has winxp firewall on it. I can ping IP addresses from my pc to laptop but not laptop to pc.
All file share options on printer and network files on the pc are enabled. Any assistance would be appreciated since tearing my hair out trying to sort out a simple procedure.

  [DELETED] 23:47 04 May 2006

Given that the Windows ICF can hamper file sharing (I know; ironic isn't it?!) you should kill it off forthwith. Either using no firewall or, if your nervous, use Kerio (which I have found, after much experimentation, to be about the most networkable firewall available. And it has a free version).

That'll be a good start.

Step two; learn to network with Norton Firewall (and good luck with that; it can be done, as another forum member found recently with some hard work, but it's not as easy as it should be).

Also, remember that when a firewall blocks or limits functionality in a workgroup, it's not actaully a bad thing. It's designed to do that and it's then up to you to fine tune the network permissions to suit your needs.

For example, my network consists of my office PC and laptop, plus my wife's laptop and the family PC. I have used the firewall settings to create one-way access between my PCs and the other PCs; my PCs see each other's shares freely, but the family PCs cannot see my shares even though I can see theirs.

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  [DELETED] 13:13 05 May 2006

My router allows you to specify IP addresses for PCs on the network. If yours does the same then this may work for you.
Give both PCs a static IP address. Set up the Gateway and DNS server to be the router's network address. Then go into XP on both machines and ensured filesharing is selected, do not allow Windows firewall to monitor filesharing on the PC running Norton (if it doesn't ask, don't worry). Finally, go into NIS firewall and delete all Network (only network) rules and let Norton rediscover the network and do an automatic configure.

When I last installed Norton during an XP re-install, I allowed it to configure the XP firewall settings/warnings. This seems to have cured a lot of the problems I experienced on the previous install.

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