Is this a wireless network deal?

  matt1234 22:39 14 Jul 2004


i found this deal on click here im no expert on wireless networking but basicly id like to be able to cope with online gaming etc. also i would like it to go in a usb port as the server is an old computer (the laptop im putting it in will be fine. will it work with aol 9.

Is this is not correct for what i need it to do could you please recomend me one nere the same price

thankz matt

(need anymore info plz ask)

  TomJerry 23:57 14 Jul 2004

(1) The router will not work with you old PC because almost all routers use netwrok (ethernet, lan) connection, not usb. Of course, you can fit a network card for a few pounds. If you planning to add more machines on your network, router/access point is a good option.

(2) For two PC, you need so called ad-hoc peer to peer network. One wireless card for Laptop, same one you saw, one usb wireless stick for old PC, you can find this in dabs.

  matt1234 07:30 15 Jul 2004

is this just as fast and could some one recomend what to buy!

  matt1234 07:35 15 Jul 2004

bearing in mind the server uses a usb modem surplied with aol

  TomJerry 09:19 15 Jul 2004

I think I already made a suggestion in my early post.

For more ideas about homenet, check out click here.

Speed wise, it is more than enough for gaming. The bottle neck is internet (512k or 1M) not home net, 11g give you 54M (27 in real world), 11b give you 11M (5.5 in real world) speed, both are much fast than internet.

If you really want a proper network with multiple PC, throw away "crapy" free USB modem. Get a proper wireless router with ASDL modem build-in.
Linksys WAG54G Wireless ADSL Router w/FREE WPC54G Laptop Card £85.88 click here. You need a Ethernet adaptor for your old PC if it does not have one, Dynamode NC-100TX-R 10/100 PCI Adapter £4.57 click here. If you do not want to openup your old PC, get Belkin F5D5050UK USB 10/100 Ethernet Adapter for £15.28 click here

  matt1234 21:17 15 Jul 2004

im interested in this one Linksys WAG54G Wireless ADSL Router w/FREE WPC54G Laptop Card £85.88 you recomened and whats the security like on it

  TomJerry 23:30 15 Jul 2004

Best you can get.

In addition: You need to set up access restriction and Encryption for any wireless network.

  matt1234 12:33 16 Jul 2004

thankz for your help

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