wireless network connection question

  rubygxx 13:29 07 Nov 2011

Hello, i am curious as to why i seem to have an unknown connection somewhere on my wireless connection in the network map in control panel, i have been seeing this for a week or two, it never used to have this, it says ruby- pc then a green line to a large blue question mark saying unknown, then the line goes down to my wireless connection name then to gateway then to internet, my daughter name is also there for her pc with the lines going straight to wireless connection-gateway - internet, i do not know how to find out what this unknown connection is i get nothing with a right click and even hovering the mouse does not give info like the rest gives MAC address, ipv4 address in my daughters case , i would just like to find out what it is since it was not there before. Thanks.

  rubygxx 15:51 07 Nov 2011

Yes it is password protected, but since i made this post i went back into the network and sharing centre, don't know what made me look at the home group thing but i unjoined it, then went back and checked the network map and it was back to the way i remember it, i can't remember joining a home group,that as far as i can see is for sharing files etc between computers in the network , so maybe it was my daughter that set that, , i thought i had been hacked but as i have a password that i do not imagine anyone would ever guess , i couldn't see how, so far anyway it is fixed , thank you.

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