Wireless network card problems

  Adam_0319 12:40 13 Apr 2017

I have a question about a wireless card (asus pce n15): My computer either has a really slow connection to my home internet (virgin), or wont connect at all. If I instead use a hotspot through my phone that connects and works fine. Other devices in the same room have no problem with the connection. I have tried reinstalling the drivers from the disc. I also tried calling ASUS support who told me to download drivers for it and run in compatibility mode for windows 8 but I could not get that to work. Thanks in advance for any help

  Govan1x 13:02 13 Apr 2017

As far as I can make out that card only connects to the 2.4Hhz connecton.

So have a look in the router via the internet and make sure the 2.4 connection is picked and disable the 5ghz selection.

Some may say it does not matter if the 5Ghz is connected as well. But with Virgin you have to switch it off as it will only work if connected to the 2.4Ghz selection.

  Adam_0319 13:29 13 Apr 2017

yes thank you so much that worked instantly - which is much more than can be said for lengthy conversations with asus and virgin

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