fitzy- 2nd 09:52 21 Mar 2005


I've decided to buy the Linksys WAG54G broadband Wireless 4-Port ADSL Router with firewall.

I need a wireless network card, do i have to get
the same make as router, or is it just a standard
wireless network card.

I have NTL 1mb broadband. can anyone give me any info + recommend where to buy card.

Thanks to all that reply.

  FelixTCat 10:10 21 Mar 2005

There can be advantages to buying a card of the same type from the same manufacturer because they often have enhancements (double speed, security etc) which will not work with other manufacturers' card.

However, the standards are now well established and it is very rare for cards not to interwork.

Look at eBuyer and compare prices for Linksys and generic/other manufacturer - if the price difference is small or there are enhancements that you want, buy Linksys.

  quaggydog 20:48 21 Mar 2005

In theory... the standards are well established. In practice, my experience would suggest otherwise. In my case, I have the WAG54G combined with D-Link PCMCIA card - and I CANNOT get them to successfully interface with one another unless I disable encryption. I would expect that any given manufacturer would be more likely to undertake thorough testing with their own companion products.

  Strawballs 00:26 22 Mar 2005

I have same Router NTL broadband and bought a oclick here Novatech own brand PCI card all works well

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