Wireless network and broadband speed

  Seadog 23:29 21 Feb 2006

I have a wireless home network with my computer, my sons computer and (occasionally) our two laptops connected wirelessly via a Belkin router. The router is connected to a cable modem for internet access. (no computer is connected directly to the router)
My question is regarding broadband speed tests, whenever I do a test on any computer or laptop I get varying results, usually the tests report a speed of only a quarter of what I am supposed to get.
As an example, I am supposed to be on 4 meg broadband but the latest test I did reported a connection (download) speed of 1025Kb/s with an upload speed of 365Kb/s
If I connect my computer directly to the router which involves a long cable! and then do a speed test I get a result of 3835kb/s download speed. (Can't remember what the upload speed was)
Can anyone please offer an explanation for this and/or a cure, it seems that I am paying for 4Mb/s but not getting it if you see what I mean! Or then again is this normal?

  dms05 08:02 22 Feb 2006

We have a nominal 512k BT ADSL link. I use click here to test my speeds from a server in LA. I think that's a pretty stiff test.

This morning (over WiFi) the results were 750k down and 240 up but somedays I can achieve 1600k up.

All these test are carried out over a 802.11b WiFi network that has 1 Desktop cabled to the Gateway and another WiFi'd. In addition we can have upto 3 laptops on at the same time.

We have 2 Access Points on the network and we do see difference in performance between these when using WiFi.

Without actually producing test results we feel the best performer is a Toshiba AP closely followed by a DLink and the WiFi produced by the Actiontec Gateway is easily the slowest. All are 802.11b only.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:23 22 Feb 2006

[quote]it seems that I am paying for 4Mb/s but not getting it if[/quote] - you are getting it as the cable conneection shows.

Try updating the drivers for the wireless adaptor.

How good is the connection if you bring the router close to the laptop/pc with wireless adaptor? Could be some sort of interference.

  Seadog 11:46 22 Feb 2006

Thanks for that Diodorus Siculus, first of all I have tried having the laptops and computers nearer the router but it doesn't make any difference, the speed is still down. As for updating the drivers I can't find any updates for any of the wireless adapters, they are all reported as being the latest available. (Note that all the wireless adapters are different makes, and two are 802.11b and two are 802.11g - I think!)

  BigMoFoT 13:38 22 Feb 2006

Of your wireless connection does not reflect your broadband speed. The speed of your wireless connection is the speed between your wireless router and your wireless adapter.

What you are measuring with your speed tests is between your ISP and your router. I suspect your router will have some part to play in the inconsistency of the speed tests which I wouldn't trust 100% anyway.

  keewaa 16:39 23 Feb 2006

Surely the speed test is being run from the computer and therefore includes the wireless, so if the wireless is slower than the actual broadband, the speed test will show the slow wireless speed ?

  BigMoFoT 17:41 23 Feb 2006

I see your point but seen as how broadband is on average 2 MB, and Wireless is at it's very least 11MB...

  keewaa 19:11 23 Feb 2006

Yep, except when the wireless has some sort of problem, which seems to be what seadog is experiencing ... by ethernet 4M, by wireless substantially less.

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