Wireless Network advice

  talia 18:42 04 Apr 2005

I want to network two PC and a laptop using wireless connections. I want to share the broadband connection on the laptop.

Whatis the easiest and cheepest way to do this?

Laptop and 1 pC running XP Home and the remaining PC ME

  HauxtonPhil 18:57 04 Apr 2005

The way I do it is to have a wireless adsl router which is connected to the adsl (broadband) connection on the phone. Then each computer has a small usb wireless network adaptor plugged in. Netgear has proved to be very reliable. If the laptop has a Centrino processor it may have a built in wireless connector.

For the ADSL router you should allow around £80, and the usb adaptors will be around £30 each (although you could shop around).

  LastChip 19:04 04 Apr 2005

A Wireless Modem/Router and a wireless card for each of the machines. Alternatively, if you already have an external modem, you could buy just a Router and plug your modem into it. If it's a USB modem, make sure the router will accept a USB connection.

Generally, stay with the same manufacturer for all the devices for a hassle free experience.

Our FE seems to favour Netgear, Belkin also seem to have a good reputation for plug and play reliability.

  talia 19:25 04 Apr 2005

I thought these where the two best options but both you guys have helped with the installation already.....CHAMPIONS...

  jonny5alive 19:47 04 Apr 2005

Hi guys,

I use AOL and have set up a Belkin ADSL modem/router on my PC with a USB 54g plug in to access the network. I have used a 54g PC card on the laptop. I have icons on both desktops showing correct installation. My son's work laptop detects the nerwork as Belkin 54g. I cannot access my pc or internet from my laptop.

Any ideas?


  JonnyTub 19:51 04 Apr 2005

post a new topic in the forum rather than in someone elses thread please and thankyou.

You'll get more help that way. :-)

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