Wireless Network... AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHH!!!

  Boffin Boy 02:00 09 Jan 2006

As you may be able to tell from my post's title this is now starting to send me mad...
Anyway, here is the problem... I have two computer's and a laptop in this situation click here .Now the two PC's will share, however the laptop will not join the network. The wireless connection shows as connected, I have run the home network setup wizard countless times, and tried changing the IP addresses, all with no effect. This is REALlY sending me mad now!!!
Oh, I also forgot to say - This is an AD-HOC network with a single internet connection on 'the server' (see the link above).


  TonyM 08:11 09 Jan 2006

You seem to have 2 networks running from the same machine (one wired, one wireless)....I have exactly the same config at home.

What you need to do is set up a "network bridge" on the "server" machine , so that it treats the 2 networks as one. Assuming the machine is running Xp...1st-disable any internet connection sharing you have set up, then go into Network connections , highlight the entries for the 2 networks, right click and select "bridge connections" ....XP will do its thing and a new entry will appear in the Network Connections folder called something like "Network Bridge 1" you can then run the Internet Connection wizard to share the new connection...

Good luck

  Boffin Boy 19:44 09 Jan 2006

I don't appear to have had much luck using this method...
I was trying network bridges etc. before, but now believe that the connection is fine, and the configs are at fault...


  stuc100 19:54 09 Jan 2006

Have you tried disabling any firewalls?

  Boffin Boy 19:58 09 Jan 2006

Yes, all firewalls have been disabled, however it made no difference.


  stuc100 20:17 09 Jan 2006

Are you using the same username and password on all the machines? Can you see the laptop from the PC?

  Boffin Boy 20:49 09 Jan 2006

Firstly, yes the usernames are exactly the same on all computers (they have all just been formatted). And, no the PC and Laptop cannot see each other.


  jimmer409® 20:50 09 Jan 2006

what transmits to laptop wirelessly from server?, what wifi is on the laptop? in the meantime try infrastructure.

  Boffin Boy 21:15 09 Jan 2006

The type of WiFi is AD-HOC. Infastructure mode will not work for this reason.


  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:37 09 Jan 2006

Are they all in the same workgroup?

Can you get online with the laptop, just not communicate with either PC?

You say you have tried changing the IPs, what were they? What are they now? All on the same subnet?

What's the default gateway for the laptop?

Do you just want to share info between the three devices, or are you just trying to get online with the laptop? Or both?

  jimmer409® 05:43 10 Jan 2006

you should be able to change the type of network within the appropriate wifi program

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