Wireless network for 2 computers

  Koochy 22:32 05 Oct 2006

Hi all can i just say i am a total novice with wireless. The problem i have is i have two computers one desk top and one notebook, at present i have the desktop connected to the internet via the ethernet cable and i use the notebook via wireless and i would like to know if i can use them both wirelessly I have the usb dongle that came with the router (Netgear DG834G) that i could use with the desk top as the notebook is wireless enabled or do i have to keep one hard wired? The reason i ask this is the desk top is in the spare bed room and the master b.t. socket is in the lounge Approx 30 metres away and i have been experiencing slow speeds so i tried the notebook with a standard modem direct from the main socket and i got nearly twice the speed.
Xp sp2 on both p.c's

  ade.h 22:40 05 Oct 2006

Both can use Wi-fi except for wireless-related configuration.

- Insert the driver CD (but do not let it run) and copy the driver from it, or better yet, download the latest version from Netgear.
- Insert the USB adapter and wait for the New Hardware wizard. Point it to the driver and complete the installation.
- You should have a W-LAN icon in the Notification Area. Single click it; refresh the list that has appeared and connect.

  Koochy 22:47 05 Oct 2006

Thanks for that ade.h i will give it a go in the morning when i get home and post back to let you know how i get on.
Just one other thing if i have to change any settings on the router will i have to put the ethernet cable back in?



  Koochy 14:48 06 Oct 2006

Sorted, ade.h to the rescue yet again. I have done as you said and all is well infact better than well, my broadband is now twice as quick as it was,

Thanks again


  ade.h 15:55 06 Oct 2006

That's what I like to hear! Glad I could help.

  Koochy 12:12 07 Oct 2006

Sorry to bother you again can you explain how to a) connect both pcs so i can file share between the two of them and b)tell me if it is possible to connect my printer onto the network. I am using wpa security but if you need any more info just ask.

Forever in your debt


  ade.h 13:35 07 Oct 2006

No worries. It's quite straightforward as long as everything basicall works as it should. click here for making a workgroup and follow the links on the left for file and printer sharing. The site's not complete yet, but it has the bits that you need.

  Koochy 20:27 07 Oct 2006

I am having a bit of bother getting the computers to see each other. On the lap top i am seeing both but when i click on the desk top i get the egg timer for approx 30 seconds then nothing.
And on the desk top i can only see itself but no laptop any ideas?

  Koochy 20:28 07 Oct 2006

For got to say i am using zone alarm fire wall do you think this has anything to do with it as i have not had any pop ups to grant either permision?

  ade.h 20:35 07 Oct 2006

You'll need to create the necessary rules if they don't already exist. Check the ZA manual for the finer points, but the gist of it involves an IP address-based rule in the trusted zone of each client's ZA installation, plus the overall security level set to medium, I think.

By the way, whereabouts on each client are you looking for the shares? In My Network Places or via the Add a Network Place wizard (on that folder's task pane)?

  Koochy 20:47 07 Oct 2006

I am looking in the my network places then clicking "add a network place"


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