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I've just received my hardware for setting up my network (a router/modem, wireless PCMCIA card and network card). My main computer connections to the router via a network cable and I plan on connecting the other computers wirelessly. I have been trying to configure the equipment so that I can get the main computer to connected to the internet via the router, but have yet to have had any success. I am trying to share by BT Yahoo Broadband connection between 3 computers.

I have also tried to set up the network so that I can recognise a laptop I have. However I am unable to since the disk XP creates says that it is incompatible with Win 2000 and that I should consult the help files on the XP system. I have looked without finding anything to help me. I have a system running Win 98 but I am waiting for my wireless PCI card at the moment.

Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks.

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These sites may help you

click here

click here

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Here are some more links

click here

click here

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Thanks for the links, the third 1 looks like it may be of some help.

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Another question.

Should XP recognise that it is connected to a router/modem or will it only recognise that it is part of a LAN.

The router also says that I should use a cross over cable but the one I bought is straight through. XP says that the network connection is active but could this still effect the working of the network (e.g. does the fact that it detects the network mean that the cable works).

Thanks again.

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about why you want to physically connect your main PC to a wireless router. The router will distribute the connection to all your computers wirelessy, without any particular one of them needing to be turned on. Why don't you get a USB network adapter for that machine (cost around £28 for a Belkin model from dabs.com)and forget about cable links?

Windows XP should automatically pick up the router signal, provided you have set the router up to connect to your ISP in advance. To do this you normally connect the router to a computer via the USB cable that is provided. Run the software CD that comes the router, and when all is complete disconnect the USB cable. The router will now connect to your ISP automatically whenever it's booted, and any computer within range that has a wireless adapter will be able to share the connection.

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The router is next to the main PC and it is cheaper to use one of the 4 ports, a network cable and NIC than buy a PCI wireless adapter. The router has a USB port but no cable is supplied. When i connected it via USB windows detected it but could find no driver. The CD provided contains a setup program but I am not sure if it completes setup. The router establishes a ADSL connection (steady light on the router) but I cannot seem to be able to connect to the internet through it.

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Does anyone know how to set up Win 2000 so that I can connect with it to the network (wirelessly) the disk that XP creates and the XP CD will not work and as mentioned above i cannot find any help on the XP system.

Thanks again.

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