Wireless network

  loganakajon 17:32 05 Sep 2003

Can someone please tell me in lamen terms what i need for wireless networking....ie usb, pci. if i bought an adapter what else would i need?... I want to connect 3 pc`s together without the wires trailing round the house!

  harry_b 17:49 05 Sep 2003

What sort of internet access will the pc's have?

  loganakajon 17:51 05 Sep 2003

The main pc is cable connection 600

  Forum Editor 17:52 05 Sep 2003

That being the case, you can do it like this:-

1. Buy a wireless ADSL router with inbuilt ADSL modem. There's a really good one made by Netgear. I've installed several for clients, but for the moment the model number escapes me.

2. Equip each computer with a Netgear USB wireless networking adapter. At least one machine should also have a conventional LAN port - many machines come with these already installed, but if you don't have one you'll need to install a conventional network card - they are cheap and easy to install.

3. Run the adapter software on each machine BEFORE you plug the adapters in.

4. Connect the router to the computer that has the LAN port using the cable provided. Plug the router into the phone line (cable is provided) via the ADSL micro-filter (also provided), and plug in the provided power lead.

5. Start the computer that has the connection to the router and follow the easy setup instructions. That should take you about ten minutes, after which you can remove the LAN cable.

6. You now have a wireless network, and if you click on the network adapter icon that you'll see in the system tray on each machine you can see the adapter scanning for a network. It will find one - often calling it an Airport - and will configure itself automatically. You'll see the small light on the adapter stop blinking and the icon in the system tray will turn green (or yellow, it doesn't matter).

7. Now you can surf the Internet on all machines, but if you want to run a full networking service, with shared files and folders etc., you'll need to run the Windows networking wizard on each machine. Make absolutely sure that you select the same workgroup name for all the machines, or they will not see each other on the network - by default you'll be offered MSHOME, but you can change that if you like.

  loganakajon 18:01 05 Sep 2003

Thankyou for your help i will investigate the prices and install. Once again Thankyou

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