Wireless Netgear Router - Help me Please =(

  Winxx 16:37 25 Jun 2007

Hi, having trouble with this stupid Netgear router, its a WGR614v6, i have wired it like this.


Which i have no idea what to look for to be honest!

Cable Modem (NTL Broadband) connected to PC giving me my PC's Internet, from that runs an ethernet cable to the the Netgear Router, from the netgear router another ethernet cable to the back of the PC.

I read a guide - click here

and i followed it, smartwizard came up, then i do a scan, and instead of coming up as a Dynamic IP like the guide sais it would, i get a Static IP (Fixed) come up, meaning what?

So i search around, to find that it means i am supposed to enter the IP address, Subnet Mask, gateway and DNS Servers myself, using what my ISP provided... thats where i am stuck!!!!???

- At first when i plugged my router in, my PC lost internet, i then selected to share the connection, and i got it back.
- Sometimes, smartwizard wont come up, i type in and it wont show, other times it will, its very strange.
- My laptop picks up the connection, connects to it fine with "Excellent" signal strengh, but when i go on the net, nothing but "page cannot be displayed"

I am thinking the whole problem here is to do with filling out the section on Smartwizard correctly, i did try Run>CMD>IPconfig/all and put all that information in, but all i got was IP Clash or something similar, i don't know what else to do!

  brundle 16:43 25 Jun 2007

None of this helped then?
click here

In case people repeat what's been said already.
Stick to one thread or things will get even more confusing

  Winxx 16:50 25 Jun 2007

Yes i know but i didnt explain it very well in that thread, i will leave that to die, i think there will be a better understanding of my problem here.

  brundle 16:53 25 Jun 2007

Have you made and kept a note of your settings when you had your NTL modem plugged in and you typed


If not, do so now.

Forget the wireless aspect for now, if your router is not configured for the internet correctly it won't work anyway. Concentrate on getting the cable connection working.

  ambra4 16:58 25 Jun 2007

Are you using wireless to access the router


Wireless Access to Router from Desktop or Laptop

and hard wire router to PC

  brundle 16:58 25 Jun 2007

Once you have a note of IP/DNS etc, switch everything off, router, modem, PC. Plug all the cables in. Wait a minute or two. Switch on modem. Wait until all lights show normal. Switch on router. Wait another minute or so, then switch on PC.

  Winxx 17:02 25 Jun 2007

Ok wait, i am very bad at all this networking stuff, you want me to write down IP,subnet etc. whilst my NTL is plugged in, then turn everything off, turn on NTL modem only, then Netgear router, then PC, and then what... im back where i started with a peice of paper with writing on it.

  brundle 17:06 25 Jun 2007

Yes, that's it in a nutshell.
You need the info from your current connection so you can be sure the router is set up the same way.

  Winxx 17:17 25 Jun 2007

Sorry, it sounds pointless to me, ive written it all down, now you want me to turn off everything, turn on NTL, then Netgear, then PC, why!?

What would i do after that, sorry, just pretend that i am an alien who knows NOTHING about this stuff, which is close enough to reality.

Im really really sorry for the inconvience im causing here but i'd like to understand what im doing.

  brundle 17:27 25 Jun 2007

It forces your setup to re-establish a connection with your ISP.
The router will take over the IP address your modem was given, NTL's servers will recognise that you have placed a different bit of hardware in the chain, it is best to switch off for a minute or two when that is the case to allow NTLs computers to refresh the settings.
It ensures your individual components are up, running and working before you start fiddling with settings.

What make/model is your NTL modem?

  Winxx 17:33 25 Jun 2007

I will do exactly what you have said, i now understand what is happening thank you.

Model No.

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