wireless mouse will not work

  bbmf474 19:32 31 Jan 2010

i run a wireless mouse using xp which has decided not to work.
The mouse is ok i know because i use it with an imac and i use bootcamp to access windows.
Ay help will be appreciated
thanks in advance

  Digital 19:51 31 Jan 2010

Did this mouse work with XP before? If so, try rebooting XP if you've not already tried that. Have you tried restoring to a date when it did work?

  bbmf474 09:38 01 Feb 2010

yes it has worked before but not recently. the idea of a restore point is good but without the use of a mouse I cannot do this
could access the problem in safemode?

  awest3 09:43 01 Feb 2010

The usual reason for mouse to stop working is that its lost its connectivity to the PC. depending on what type you are using there's usually a button on either the mouse or the sender unit to re establish the connection. It could also be that the sender unit USB connection has come out...do you also use a wireless keyboard, if so is it still working ok..?

  bbmf474 09:54 01 Feb 2010

the wireless keyboard works ok
dont have a usb sender as it works independently - dont ask me how!
I have the same problem with my laptop but this could be easier to resolve as it has a mouse pad built in
shall I start with my laptop!?
I have noticed that I cannot access the internet when in windows mode, although the modem works when in imac mode
Any help will be appreciated

  awest3 14:41 01 Feb 2010

Not quite sure how the mouse works without a sender unit....could it be a bluetooth mouse..?

The only time I've encountered probelms like this it was lost connectivity or duff battery...

  bbmf474 15:00 01 Feb 2010

yes it is bluetooth
could it be the batteries?
the connection comes and goes and i have replaced the two batteries did not make a lot of difference

  awest3 15:35 01 Feb 2010

I'd first try another set of batteries. if no joy have a look in device manager to see if your bluetooth devices are working properly.

right click computer, click manage, click device manager...should not be any yellow or red flags againt the devices and when you look in properties it should say "this device is working correctly"

  awest3 15:40 01 Feb 2010

sorry missed a bit..look under network adapters (in device mgr) for you blutooth connections...

  bbmf474 15:45 01 Feb 2010

thanks for the tips
It appears to be ok and that batteries were the problem.
the ones I have are old and I will replace them all

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