wireless mouse not working when computer starts

  chokko 11:21 28 Jun 2010

Can someone please advise..we purchased a new computer in april 2010 and have been using it with the same mouse, keyboard and printer that we used with our old pc. About a month ago we found that the mouse would not work for the first 5-8 minutes after the computer was switched on. The local company that built the pc, fitted a new motherboard which has now failed again and they are saying that it is not the motherboard but probably our printer (hp photosmart c4780) that is causing the problem through a usb port. They had not tried using the printer in their workshop.
I do not know much about computers and so was wondering if someone could explaing why everything worked fine at first and now suddenly we have problems and could it be our printer (that incidentally worked fine on our old pc and also works fine with a laptop.

  northumbria61 11:31 28 Jun 2010

"everything worked fine at first" yes, and so it should do if you bought it new. The company that you purchased it from has a legal obligation to rectify the faults or replace/refund your product.

You say the motherboard has failed AGAIN - then I fail to seee how they can even suggest that it is your printer that is causing the problems.

Stand you ground - politely but firmly ask them to put the faults right first.

  chokko 12:01 28 Jun 2010

Thanks for your reply, this company are saying that it is my printers usb connection that is causing the motherboard to short out, which I cannot understand as they have not had the printer to test it. They are implying that two motherboards would not fail consecutively and because the computer was working in their workshop but then started to play up when we got it back that it is to be something that we are using.

  northumbria61 13:26 28 Jun 2010

"They are implying that two motherboards would not fail consecutively" - I would tend to agree with that - it would be very rare.

Are you able to take your printer along to them and get it tested ? I think that is the only way you are going to find out for sure - and ask them to do the test when you are there. I still fail to see why plugging a printer in would cause this problem when it works on two other computers.

I am beginning to think that this may point to an underpowered PSU (Power Supply Unit) as suppliers do have a tendency to put one in with the lowest possible wattage. I would query this with them as a possible cause.

  chokko 13:39 28 Jun 2010

regarding the printer, I offered to take it in to them but they say their workstations are too small to test a printer.....the printer itself was purchased in march this year and worked fine with the new pc until the problem with the mouse. They are now saying that they couldnt even boot the computer at all, which we didnt have a problem with. Once the mouse had started working then everything else worked fine. It was the initial 8 mins of booting the computer that the mouse just would not work. Thank you for your advice I will certainly take it on board.

  northumbria61 14:47 28 Jun 2010

"About a month ago we found that the mouse would not work for the first 5-8 minutes after the computer was switched on"

Was this a USB mouse and did you boot up with it installed ? and did you try another mouse or another USB port ?

I know that shouldn't be a problem and I am searching for answers - I have even thought about faulty USB ports on the motherboard - as they say it would be very rare for 2 m/boards to have this BUT did they use an Identical m/board I wonder - it is not unknown to have a bad batch.

It could also just have been a driver problem with your mouse but very strange that it should take 5-8 mins to "warm up".

It looks like it is a case of their word against yours which doesn't really help when you have a computer that doesn't work.

I doubt if I can help you further apart from suggesting that you take it to another independent computer firm to test things for you which unfortunately means paying out more money - unless of course they do FREE testing - you could always ask - they may, especially if you are thinking of putting business their way.

Good luck !

  chokko 20:29 28 Jun 2010

northumbria 61, thanks for your replies and for trying to figure out the problem. I have been back to the shop today and they have now got the printer as well to try. From what the service manager said, we will probably be ending up with virtually a new machine at no cost to us, which is good. Hopefully the end is in sight, heave a sigh of relief. Thanks again.

  northumbria61 20:35 28 Jun 2010

Thanks for the update - good news - but do please let me know the final outcome.

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