Wireless mouse not working

  Molly_Don 17:10 07 Aug 2010


My wireless mouse in not working.

When I booted the desktop up, once loaded the mouse pointer was static in the middle of the screen and wouldn't move, I changed the batteries and rebooted, still nothing, I've purchased a new wireless mouse, installed it and even that's not working and I now can't see the mouse pointer.

It's an Acer desktop running windows XP Virgin BB.

If it helps, I updated Open Office this week, when closing OO it kept crashing, the last time I used the computer was yesterday, as I was about to shut it down OO crashed again before shutting down.

Any suggestions please?

  mooly 17:23 07 Aug 2010

Worth trying system restore ?
click here

  Molly_Don 17:45 07 Aug 2010

Hi mooly

How do I get to click on system restore as the mouse doen't work, I've tried a wired mouse and that doesn't work either.

  mooly 17:57 07 Aug 2010

That's a good question :)

Can you use the "windows" key and arrow keys to get into anything.

  Molly_Don 18:18 07 Aug 2010

OK, I've managed to get a restore point up (Not sure how I done it) but i'm stck again, how do I select a previous restore point as the arrow keys don't work (sorry if I sound thick)

  mooly 18:23 07 Aug 2010

Another thought... not good news... is that the problem may be malware related or a rootkit virus.

If so a reinstall would be the only sure fix option I fear but you would lose everything.
You do back up your data etc I hope.

Acers have a recovery partiton, or you may have burned or been supplied with recovery discs.

  mooly 18:30 07 Aug 2010

Can't just think of anything... and I appreciate the problem... it's just dificult without actually sitting in front of it.

How did you move the cursor to select a restore point.

Maybe someone else has ideas on this...

  Molly_Don 18:30 07 Aug 2010

I've backed up until 4 weeks ago, I was going to back up this weekend, I have the recovery discs for the acer desktop, if the only option is for me to do a reinstall, that's what I'll have to do I guess.

Thanks mooly for all your help.

  Molly_Don 18:33 07 Aug 2010

How did you move the cursor to select a restore point.

I used the windows and arrows key to get into system restore, but nothing happens now when I press the windows or arrow key.

  mooly 18:37 07 Aug 2010

Only other thing I can think of is something called last known good configuration,

click here

accessed by pressing F8 at boot up.

  rdave13 18:38 07 Aug 2010

Try the tab key. That sometimes allows the cursor to move to another part.

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