Wireless Mouse not working

  lbx 19:40 10 Jun 2010


Brand: silvercrest
Model: MTS 2218
2.4ghz usb receiver

I have just brought a wireless keyboard and mouse set from a friend who had it brand new and unopened, and i tried it at his house and it worked fine but when i got home, the mouse did not work but the keyboard connects and works fine, all i have to do is put the batteries in and it starts working

But the mouse does not seem to connect to the usb receiver , so when i put in the batteries into the mouse, the infra-red light on the mouse lights up, the mouse also has a connection light on the top which flashes when you first turn the mouse on, by the time light stops flashing, the mouse should be synchronized to the usb receiver but for some reason it does not, hence the pointer on the screen does not move, and none of the mouse buttons do anything

On the manual it says, all i have to do is turn the mouse on and it should automatically synchronize all by itself but it does not seem to do this

Also there is no connect buttons on either the mouse or the usb receiver or the keyboard so i cannot reset it manually

The keyboard works so that indicates that the usb receiver must be working, so im guessing there might be a problem with the mouse like it might not be on the same frequency as the usb receiver or something like that

Things i have tryed:
-All the drivers are installed correctly
-Tried it on about 5 different computers with different OS, windows 7, vista, Xp
-tried it on friends computer again and still did not work
-tried brand new batteries
-tried different usb ports
-Uninstalled and installed most updated drivers
-installed the software on the cd it came with
-opened it up to see if everything was connected properly and it was

And so far noting seems to work

Does anyone know what could be the problem, as the mouse was working fine just like 2 days ago and it is not damaged as it was not dropped or anything.


  northumbria61 20:30 10 Jun 2010

Uninstall any mouse driver you have at the moment via your Device Manager - and reboot you PC. Then download the driver from the LINK below to desktop and Install. It is the MTS2218.zip file shown below the pics of the keyboard and mouse.

click here=

  lbx 20:40 10 Jun 2010

thanks for the response, but i already tried that twice and yet still it does not seems to be working
i dont think it is a software problem anymore, prehaps a hardware problem, or maybe a way to sycnchornize the mouse and the usb reciver which i dont know about

  northumbria61 21:08 10 Jun 2010

I don't know if you have seen this page but there are manuals to download (pdf) which may help.

click here

  lbx 21:10 10 Jun 2010

yep i also checked those out, and its the same one that came in the box

  northumbria61 07:46 11 Jun 2010

Looking at what you have done it appears you have tried everything possible and you have also tried it on your friends computer without success so it does appear to be a hardware problem even though you did say it worked initially.

I am sorry I can't help you any further apart from suggesting you contact the HOTLINE telephone number which should be in your manual or on the LINK. It just might be worth giving them a call.

  lbx 11:15 11 Jun 2010

its ok now guys. they are sending me a new set for free :)

  northumbria61 21:31 11 Jun 2010

Good news - don't forget to tick this as resolved.

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