Wireless mouse on laptop. How do you use with

  BillySilly 16:22 27 Mar 2010

I have a wireless mouse whose signal is picked up by the USB receiver which cme with it. I have a 1394 built-in wireless connection on my dell inspiron 6400 and wireless network connection.
Is it possible to use the mouse with the 1394 and so do away with the usb receiver? If yes, how do you do it!

  bremner 16:40 27 Mar 2010

FYI 1394 is FIrewire not wireless. 802.11x is wireless

I would be fairly sure that whilst both are wireless technologies they are incompatable. They will operate on different frequencies.

  Technotiger 17:39 27 Mar 2010

Which wireless mouse is it? If its receiver is the cabled type, you could get a mouse with a tiny USB 'dongle' receiver instead ... click here

  BillySilly 18:41 27 Mar 2010

My mouse is a Belkin RF Wireless Optical Mouse. F8E847eaUSB F8E847 -REXm/n 901A02A63703 which is a cabled type receiver

I have a USB dongle receiver from a previous mouse which failed, don't know which make but the model no is 72314.
I don't know much about these technologies but wondered if there were different channels that could be used.

  BillySilly 18:51 27 Mar 2010

Hi Bremner
As I said I don't know much about these technologies!
I also have an Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG whatever that is!

  Technotiger 19:00 27 Mar 2010

Each mouse will only work on its own USB receiver, they are not inter-changeable.

The ntel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG, is to do with wireless networks, nothing at at all to do with wireless meeces!

  palinka 11:05 28 Mar 2010

If it's any help at all - I gave up using wireless mouse on my laptop because batteries always running down; I bought a cheapish wired one and am much happier.

  BillySilly 14:03 28 Mar 2010

Thanks palinka. I have been there and done that too before it stopped workink. They don't make them like they used to! I now use nickel metal hydride rechargeables (AA2800)

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