Wireless Mouse - Erratic Behaviour

  PaulSterrett 22:12 13 Dec 2014

I recently acquired a second-hand desktop Dell Vostro with wireless keyboard and mouse. I am running Windows 7. Recently, the wireless mouse behaves erratically before ceasing to move altogether betwee 2 and 5 minutes after boot up. Sometimes, pushing the wireless reconnect button on the receiver fixes the issue for 30 seconds or so.

After Googling the issue, I've tried the following:

  • connected wired mouse - works fine
  • connected wireless keyboard and mouse to another system - also works fine
  • new batteries
  • move receiver
  • remove anything which may be causing interference
  • removed and reinstalled mouse driver
  • using different USB port

This is slowly driving me insane. It seems others had the issue but no clear resolution from my searches. Any help is much appreciated.

  rdave13 23:20 13 Dec 2014

If you have PS/2 connections then get a wired keyboard and mouse. Bin the wireless shite.

If you don't have PS/2 connections then get USB keyboard and mouse.

I'm a firm believer on saving someone's sanity.

  spuds 11:50 14 Dec 2014

Don't lose your sanity for the sake of a few pounds.

You have mentioned most things that usually deals with mouse and keyboard problems, so you have gone through a list of elimination.

My wireless Packard Bell mouse is starting to play-up, due I suspect to age plus wear over the years. Just obtained two replacement mouse and keyboard kits (save on batteries, and problems associated with that), to see which suits me the most. One wired Advent C112 from PCW/Currys (£10) and one Logitech MK120 via Amazon Marketplace/ Shellbellquest (£11.09 delivered)

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