Wireless Modem Router Choice

  SURVEY 10:22 06 Aug 2008

I am considering installing a wireless modem router. We live in an old house and need coverage from one end to the other plus if possible some coverage externally. I would like a router that is simple to set up.

Trawling through various reports on this forum and on Amazon I have narrowed the choice to a Belkin F5D8633 and adaptor, a Netgear DG834N NEXT, or a D-Link DKT810.

Any advice please on reliability, ease of set-up etc?

  80n37 14:14 06 Aug 2008

i know about WAG300N from linksys. Its good and easy to install.
the support people are also good.
For information on wireless security : click here

  Border View 17:26 06 Aug 2008

the D Link is easy to set up but if you are any distance from the exchange dont expect very good speeds. I bought one and returned it and went with the Speedtouch 585 (think that was the number). Brilliant bit of kit.

Cant comment on the others.

Good luck

  SURVEY 17:46 06 Aug 2008

Barmoor - We are a fair dstance from the exchange and can only get 2mbps on broadband at the very best of times. Had not heard of the Speedtouch router although I do use a Speedtouch wired modem.

80n37 has mentioned the Linksys WAG300N so I will have to also consider that.

Ease of set-up, good customer service/tech help, signal over a distance, reliability. These are the concerns!

  Border View 22:04 06 Aug 2008

You could have a look here click here

and here will give you an idea about setting it up
click here

I am on ADSL Max, my ISP is Zen and I bought the router from them, although it was more expensive that broadbandstuff Zen give excellent technical support. My speed averages about 1.8 although I have been up to 2.2. Just depends on the BRAS profile. As far as reliability is concerned, touch wood, I set it up probably about six months ago, its never been switched off, and I have never had any problem. If I can set this router up, anyone can. The Speedtouch was recommended by quite a few people in this forum for a stable signal over the distance. I am on the limits away from the exchange,

Good luck.

  SURVEY 18:17 14 Aug 2008

Thanks all for your replies. I did in fact buy the Belkin and bought it via Amazon as they are always very good and efficient with regard to returns. I used the setup disc and their quickset up sheet. The quick setup was not due to very poor wording. The setup CD did not even set up the ADSL connection, yet alone a wirless connection! I had to phone Belkin 3 times (OK, fortunately at a local call rate). Their technicians were not particularly helpful and only too keen to suggest I return the unit to them for replacement! I could barely understand the Indian accent and they were obviously reading from a script.I told them that if I returned it, it would be to Amazon and I would buy a different make of router! In the end I changed some settings - my ISP is Orange (!) and Orange 'help' had given me the DNS settings; these did not seem to work but by setting the router software to obtain details from Orange, all seemed to work OK.

Why oh why do not manufacturers check their setup info more carefully and also return their 'help' lines to the UK. I am getting sick and tired of these foreign so-called helplines.

The range for this router appears to be very and the speed is also very good. So, so far so good!

I do need some advice with regard to the security settings I have set up but will start another thread in due course.

  oldbeefer2 10:50 18 Aug 2008

Useful thread for me, as I am about to go wireless. Thanks Barmoor - I shall go for your suggestion as I've been delighted with my Thompson wired router.

  SURVEY 13:02 18 Aug 2008

oldbeefer2 - having had the Belkin of a few days now I can report that the connection is consistent and range is quite acceptable. It does what it says on the tin! I used to get disconnections in the evenings with a wired modem connection but now this does not happen.

The interesting thing is that with the router sited in a first floor study, the signal on the ground floor is better than with the router on the ground floor within clear site of a laptop also on the ground floor! Explain that one!

  oldbeefer2 20:05 18 Aug 2008

Wiggly Amps eh. You can't trust them!

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