Wireless modem beginners question

  sharpeyes 11:14 03 Sep 2008

A question from an idiot here. I have been sent a Thomson TG585 wireless modem by Tisacli. My computer is not wireless capable.
1). What does the modem do/allow me to do?
2). What do I need to connect to computer or other devices if that is possible?

  sharpeyes 11:59 03 Sep 2008

ADSL modem connected by USB.

  sharpeyes 12:04 03 Sep 2008

Ok so I can connect the PC to the internet wirelssly also printer and scanner to PC wirelessly with this.
What do I need to do that? A USB wireless adaptor for each or what?

  sharpeyes 13:31 03 Sep 2008

And that will set up Pc, scanner and printer wirelessly without having to purchase extra items such as wireless adaptors?

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