Wireless modem - basic question

  stugra 15:26 18 Mar 2003

Most of the wifi stuff I have been reading about relates to the setting up of a home network using broadband.

Can anyone give me details of a wireless modem that I could use to connect to the internet on an analogue line with the good old fashioned 56Kbps modem. One connection, one desktop PC - this is just because I do not want to install a telephone extension across my house??

Many thanks in advance.

  tenor 15:31 18 Mar 2003

Take a look at the belkin site.

  stugra 15:50 18 Mar 2003

I have looked at the Belkin site and this is what I mean about broadband - I can't see anything other than wireless broadband routers.

I'm after good old slow 56Kbps connection!

Any ideas anyone else please??

  medicine hat 16:03 18 Mar 2003

Is this the kind of thing you're after?

click here

  tenor 16:16 18 Mar 2003

Looks good,but bet its not cheap.Reason i said belkin is cos i had one.must not do it anymore?

  stugra 09:14 19 Mar 2003

Have found a possible solution not that far away in the end with a BT product that is available for about £100 and includes a phone and answering machine as well.
Also, can't seem to find the above linked item available in this country.

If anyone is interested:

click here

Thanks again

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