Wireless Modem

  I,Me and Myself 13:35 08 Feb 2006

We have just recently acquired a wireless modem and are now using it with two computers.

The modem has a built in firewall but the PC using the wireless connection in our son's bedroom says that the pc might be at risk as there is no firewall running. Why is this when the firewall is set up on the other pc?

  johnnyrocker 13:44 08 Feb 2006

does machine two have a firewall? a firewall on machine 1 will not protect machine 2


  I,Me and Myself 16:06 08 Feb 2006

So can the built in firewall be used on the second pc or do we have to put a different firewall on?

  Fingees 17:24 08 Feb 2006

If the wireless modem has a built in firewall, it will protect either computer that goes via the modem, even if connected wirelessly to the modem

The computer will sometimes tell you it's at risk, as it doesn't know there is one built into the modem.

Mind you, it won't hurt to run a software firewall such as Zone alarm, as well.

You can download it free.

Just don't attempt to run two antivirus programs on one machine.

All the best.

  ade.h 21:39 08 Feb 2006

You are, for some reason, confusing software firewalls with hardware NAT/SPI firewalls! The Windows XP Security Centre on your son's PC is quite rightly picking up the lack of a software firewall. Don't bother enabling XP's own firewall; it is pretty much useless as it provides inbound control only.

Every PC can benefit from a good software firewall, such as Kerio, because it provides not just inbound connection control, but outbound connection control, program access control and program launching.

In other words, it provides some defence against malware behaviour if it has already found its way past your anti-malware applications, and controls how programs access the internet and launch other programs.

A NAT/SPI simply provides a defence against illegal inbound packets. It's very good at this, but it isn't quite as important to a home PC as a decent software firewall, AV and anti-malware. All PCs need these programs if they connect to the internet.

  woodchip 21:53 08 Feb 2006

The router Firewall will protect all Computers connected to it. It's a windows Problem that is loading the message. Turn of all Firewalls that are Software like ZoneAlarm or other also turn of Windows Firewall, it's about as good as a chocolate bobby. What you do need to do is setup Wireless encryption on the router and Wireless computers

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