Wireless link questions

  Fateful Shadow 17:23 22 May 2003

I'm thinking about creating a wireless link between my laptop (XP Home) and my old computer (ME) and I had a few questions:

1. If it's wireless, how far away can the two systems be (i.e. upstairs and downstairs)?

2. Will my XP laptop have any hardware conflicts if it detects hardware from downstairs, (i.e. printer)?

3. Will ME and XP conflict?

Thanks again

  BigMoFoT 17:35 22 May 2003

A wireless network works on the same principle as normal networks but without the wires - this is what you would effectivley create. In terms of hardware what will happen is you can share printers over the network for example;you can print on the printer that is on the me machine from the xp machine (as long as the printer is shared!).

However networking ME and XP may cause a few issues as ME is not as secure as XP

  Valvegrid 17:40 22 May 2003


If you are thinking of using 'Bluetooth' this link will take to the bluetooth.com side were you can see the specification. I should think it would work between upstairs and downstairs.

As far as hardware conflicts, I'm not sure, try it and see?

click here


  BigMoFoT 17:57 22 May 2003

In terms of distance for your wireless network it would depend on the quality of the hardware that you buy.

  Morpheus© 18:19 22 May 2003

my Linksys wireless setup, works from upstairs out into the garden, one PC with XP, one with win98....standard 3 bed semi....

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