Wireless link problem

  Blubottle 19:24 15 Feb 2013

Hi, I have setup a small dell SX 270' with a celeron 2.2 cpu, 1.5 GB ram , XP pro with a wifi usb adapter type TP-Link TL WN 722N . It has installed ok and has connected to my home network router which upstairs in my house, the problem is it 's so slow, the pc reports that the signal streangth is excellant wit.h a connect speed of 54 mbps, using goole chrome is painfully slow, IE is better but still lacking. This is the first time I have attempted a wifi add on. So this is a bit disappionting. Could the problem be this brand of adapter, it is rated atb150 mbps.

  mgmcc 20:36 15 Feb 2013

"...a connect speed of 54 mbps... it is rated at 150 mbps"

Although the adapter is 802.11n and rated at 150Mbps, it will only connect at this speed if the router is also 802.11n. The connection speed of an 802.11g router is 54Mbps.

However, it is your internet download speed that you need to check. Go to the Speedtest.net site and run a test to see what speed you're getting.

  xox101 20:58 15 Feb 2013

Checking download speed and wireless network speed are two totally different things. Download speed should only be checked with the PC connected by ethernet cable to the router.

Is your download speed as slow when connected by cable or only with the dongle?

Have you installed the correct drivers and only the drivers, not any connection program that was supplied with the dongle? XP is perfectly happy to handle the wireless connection itself.

Your PC is quite old, is the USB port the dongle is plugged into USB2 or 1.1?

How far are you from the router? Are there any obstructions between the PC and the router?

Have you checked the wireless signal with encryption turned off?

Have you tried setting different channels in the router to rule out interference from neighbours?

Do you have access to a laptop where you could try the dongle and see how the download speed is then?

  Blubottle 09:50 16 Feb 2013

Thanks for your replies. XOX101, my main pc is situated upstairs in my house whilst this is downstairs, my main pc is ethernet connected and has a good download speed, we also have an Ipad which works very well, The usb connection is usb1.1 I have not tested with encryption turned off,,,yet ,,must give that a go. I do not have a laptop so I can't try it out that way. I haven't yet tried an ethernet connection yet to compare speeds . The channel swap I thought about but as both the main pc and the ipad are ok I ruled that one out. Initially I thought the wifi adapter wasn't up to it. Your comments have enlightened me somewhat , many thanks.

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