Wireless Laptop not connecting with my router

  julius44 18:28 06 Aug 2008

Hello there, i'm a virgin media customer, and purchased a Buffalo cable router about 8 months ago. I have a desktop pc, but the reason i got a wireless router is to play with my ps2 online, and also incase anyone friends/family members come round with there laptops to use wirelessly.

Over the past few days, the router fails to connect wirelessly, and i have to use a spare ethernet cable for the laptop which is my cousins...
When i try and connect to a network on my cousins laptop...it shows that it can see my router...but when i click on connect, it then says windows cannot connect, to the router..which i call geordie. I'm very frustrated about this...any suggestions please??

  Forum Editor 18:40 06 Aug 2008

In other words, do you need to enter a key before the connection can be accessed wirelessly?

  julius44 09:13 07 Aug 2008

hi forum editor, yes ive already entered the key, its just that my connection keeps dropping and i have to be plugging in the ethernet cable for a while..for instance right now on the laptop it does not seem to see my router, even though the wireless g light for my router is on, its getting very frustrating..any suggestions?

  Diemmess 09:34 07 Aug 2008

I have no expertise with wireless connection by laptop and router, but when I first connected a new laptop that way it seemed OK at first.

Soon discovered that the connection remained with the charger connected, but dropped out after < 5 minutes when on battery only.

The vendors (Novatech) posted a new WiFi card.... No connection at all now!

They accepted the laptop back, fitted another new WiFi card and returned within 3 days.
Aboslutely no trouble whatever since.

What I'm trying to say is that a flukey substandard card in your laptop might be the cause?

  Pineman100 16:47 08 Aug 2008

Have you checked the signal strength of your wireless network? If you're using the laptop wirelessly at some distance from your router, perhaps the wireless signal just isn't strong enough to maintain contact.

Hover your cursor over the network icon in your system tray, and you should get a popup report showing whether the network is connected, plus its signal strength.

  julius44 17:34 08 Aug 2008

Hi my cousin took her laptop away yesterday, so i'll have to wait till someone else brings their laptop round and then check it again, as its just my desktop thats connected now

  dms_05 12:11 13 Aug 2008

I'd try changing your Routers WiFi Channel. You may be getting interference from another (new) WiFi source close by. Try Channels 1-11 in 1 channel steps and see which is best.

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