wireless laptop loses signal

  lonemascot 16:36 13 Dec 2006

i have set up a small home network that comprises of 1 downstairs PC (wired connection to a wireless enabled HUB), 1 laptop (wireless connection) and an upstairs PC which is also wireless. all three PC's can connect to the internet with the exception of the laptop not working when upstairs.

Now, i thought that if my laptop couldn't 'see' the HUB then it would connect through the connection i have upstairs on that PC.

is there a way of being able to use my upstairs PC as a 'host' connection?


  Jackcoms 16:48 13 Dec 2006

Connect the lappie to the PC with an RJ45 crossover cable.

The 'host' PC will have to be switched on to allow the lappie to connect to the net.

  lonemascot 17:02 13 Dec 2006

i dont want to connect it using cables. it was the whole point of going wireless in the first place. the host pc is switched on and my lappie is sitting next to it and i still cant connect ot hte internet even though the pc is.

  Technotiger 17:07 13 Dec 2006

Hi, try resetting your Router - disconnect Power from router, wait ten seconds then re-connect Power to router.

  lonemascot 17:10 13 Dec 2006

ok i give it a go. i just thought there may be settings somewhere that needed changing.

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