Wireless Laptop gets better Connection than PC

  littlestar 10:49 03 May 2010

I've got Virgins 50mb to help my wife watch live TV streams from Thailand, now the problem is the 8 year old PC ( Sony RS322E - RAM 512mb) is having trouble with the live streaming but the 2 year old Acer Laptop ( Aspire 5630 - Ram 1gb) is perfect with the live streaming.

PC is Ethernet Connected ( Average speedtest is 8mb ) and the Laptop is Wireless Connected ( average speedtest is 40mb )

1 - Does it mean that the memory of 512mb is not enough for live TV streaming ?

2 - When watching live TV streaming does it take up much space on the Hard Drive as i've only got about 1GB available ?

3 - If i need to upgrade my RAM, is it easy to fit ? can i do it myself or should i send it to a shop as am only a novice.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Go to click here to downoad a memory check. You don't say anything about the PC but it is very likely to slow now. 8 years! - is that about 600MHz? Just about the end of it's life I'm afraid.

  littlestar 20:37 11 May 2010

Thanks, Crucial, have already recommended upgrading to 2GB RAM, which i will do.

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