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here at home, i have an old desktop pc. it only has windows 98 on it, constantly crashes and is a big heap of junk. i decided to buy a laptop at the weekend. being computer illiterate, i thought all i had to do was buy one of those router things, plug it in and then i could use my latop anywhere in my house that i choose. until that is, i read in order to do that i have to have another computer. the thing is, my new laptop will be my only computer as my old one is being scrapped. the reason i got this laptop is because i didnt want to be stuck at a desk in the same room all the time. how do i get to use my laptop anywhere in my house if it is my only computer? and also, if i cant use my laptop wirelessly, is there any other way i can use it in any room by plugging it in somewhere?

i dont even know if im making sense to anyone. any help would be greatly appreciated as im totally lost.



  BurrWalnut 19:14 22 May 2006

A few questions first :-
1. Are you on broadband?

2. Did you buy a router/wireless modem?

3. Is the new laptop wi-fi enabled?

  Forum Editor 19:18 22 May 2006

and I don't know where you read that you need another computer in order to use your laptop anywhere in the house via a router.....because you don't.

What you need is:-

1. A broadband connection.

2. A wireless router with built-in ADSL modem.

3. A WiFi-enabled laptop (which your is, if you bought it last weekend).

Once you have your router, set it up according to the manufacturers' instructions. You'll need to plug it into the ADSL phone socket via a microfilter. Then you connect the laptop to the router (temporarily) with the cable that is supplied with the router.

Launch Internet Explorer on your laptop and in the address bar enter the address that you'll find in the router's setup instructions. Press the enter key and you'll see what looks like a web site where you can enter your ISP login details. These will be saved to the router's internal memory, and you'll see it connect to your broadband service. Once that happens you can disconnect the cable between laptop and router, and use the laptop to access the internet all over the house. The router will automatically establish the ADSL connection each time you turn it on - don't be tempted to leave it switched on permanently by the way. I switch my router off at night, when I'm not using it.

That's about it, at least in principle. All routers have a very similar setup procedure, and if you follow the instructions you'll be fine. You know where to come if you have any problems - good luck.

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Two additional tips:

Don't use any setup wizard CD that may be provided with a router; you'll learn a lot more by doing it the proper way, as described above.

Never make any changes to your router - particularly wireless-related - from a wireless client. Use the Ethernet cable as described above or you risk crashing the router something chronic. (Believe me...)

  [DELETED] 19:59 22 May 2006

Just one thing to add, if you are on a cable broadband service, the type of router you have bought will make a difference.

  [DELETED] 07:42 23 May 2006

WOW, I have spent so many hours looking at what im meant to do, seeing all kinds of stuff i didnt understand and you just explained it all really easy for me, THANKYOU EVERYONE. just one more thing though. i have aol broadband (gold) and i called them to ask them what to do (before i had found this website). he told me he was going to send me out a new modem, because the one aol gave me for my old computer was old. so now im waiting for an upgraded one to be sent to me. so if i need this wireless router with a built in modem, does that mean i dont need the normal one that he is sending me? i did tell him about upgrading to the aol boradband where you get a free wireless router with it and he just said call again and you can upgrade. also, is it easier to just upgrade my aol package or would it be easier to just go out and buy my own router? (bearing in mind, i wouldnt know what to go for) and how much are they? because i really dont want to have to spend alot on one. i think thats it, for now :-)

thanks again, you are being a really big help!!!

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