Wireless Laptop Card Hogging Bandwidth?

  Ja??s 09:54 10 Feb 2005

Hey guys,

I'm having this annoying problem with my laptops wireless card which appears to be hogging bandwidth. I have 4 wired PC's and 1 laptop connected to a Netgear WGR614 v2, and NTL 750k internet connection.

This problem arises when my laptop joins a game of counter-strike on the net, all of my wired PCs can be connected at the same time and the connection can cope, however only 1 wired and the laptop can be connected in able to play without 500+ ping. Everything is pointing at the wireless card (a 54Mb/s BT 1060 adapter) or config on the router or laptop.

Anyone know how I can cure this? Thanks a lot


  Ja??s 17:49 10 Feb 2005


  FelixTCat 18:40 10 Feb 2005

Are you sure that this isn't normal? I would imagine that when you are playing Counter Strike on the net, a lot of information is passing over the net and this will naturally slow the acess of anything else.

You can check this by logging into the router. There is usually a page in the router which shows the amount of data passing through. Watch it both when you are playing on line (with no other activity) and when you are not.

  Ja??s 00:12 12 Feb 2005

Thanks for the reply!

This is it you see, when all 4 of the wired clients are playing the ping is fine. But 2 wired and the wireless then it is unplayable. The most I can get away with is 1 wired and the wireless but any more will overload it. This is unnoticable in normal browsing since web pages are so quick to load, very annoying!

  FelixTCat 09:14 12 Feb 2005

That's helpful. Thanks. Unfortunately, I haven't come across this issue, so I regret that I will have to bow out now. All I can suggest is to look in the router's setup pages to see if there is any bandwidth equalising or limiting function.

Good luck

  Ja??s 14:46 12 Feb 2005

Unfortunatly no options like that are there, its a Netgear WGR614 v2, latest firmware but issue was still there before the update. I think it night be something to do with the router not being able to process wireless very well. Not sure if that could be the case

Thanks for your help

  cyberphobic 14:55 12 Feb 2005

I have a CNet ADSL router feeding a Netgear WG602 access point. When my son plays Halo 2 online with other gamers it causes my entire system (3 wired, 2 wireless) to crawl, as you can imagine , this is the source of some friction!. Although I have 1MB Broadband the effect is still noticeable - seems very strange that you only notice this with 1 laptop.

  Ja??s 11:05 17 Feb 2005

I expect our routers either cannot process the wireless traffic well, or they are giving the wireless packets priority over everything else, this is very annoying especially since online gaming shouldnt use our whole network bandwidth!

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