Wireless LAN Security

  darrboy 11:05 26 Jul 2004

I currently have a wired network in my house, and have now ordered wireless pci/PCMCIA cards to network my 4 pc's and laptop for file sharing and internet access. How secure is this network? Any links for reference will be greatfully recieved

  jonnytub 11:09 26 Jul 2004
  jonnytub 11:11 26 Jul 2004
  darrboy 11:15 26 Jul 2004

Cheers for the link jonnytub, I will have a read now.One other question, Is there any difference in setting up the network comparerd to a wired one in XP

  jonnytub 11:15 26 Jul 2004

unless you have highly gifted hacker neighbours i wouldn't worry about it. go for 256 bit encryption for posterity, it would take someone quite sometime to beat it, plus they'd have to be in range. your walls will dramatically reduce that to the outside world.

  jonnytub 11:17 26 Jul 2004

yes there is a difference, but they aren't hard to do, xp makes it quite painless, what os you using?

  jonnytub 11:18 26 Jul 2004

sorry just seen the you use xp :-)

  darrboy 11:21 26 Jul 2004

What sort of distace are we talking about, what about using my laptop outside, or 4 pc's in various locations around my house?

  jonnytub 11:27 26 Jul 2004

it really depends on the strength of the signal, (varies manufacturer to manufacturer), the pc's inside the house won't be a problem, using the laptop outside is probably going to see you losing the signal every now and again. My laptop allows me to roam about 10m from the house when all signal strentgh goes. This can be boosted if need be.

  darrboy 11:42 26 Jul 2004

that is ok, main reason i have 3 kids, a pc each and they all want internet access, I don't want to run any more cables, and maybe then I can use my own pc, I will have to wait and see what the laptop is like outside, cheers jonnytub, i got some reading to do now!

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