Wireless Lan Problem!!!

  Freddog 10:17 02 Nov 2005

It's driving me mad! OK right I have a Belkin router and yesterday my bro came round to print some stuff and go online (He han't got the net yet) so he couldn't connect so I took off security and changed it to WPA and then he connected and now it found the wireless and connected to it. But now our laptop won't find it no security I have JUST this minuet formatted the laptop and started again (virus on it anyway) and it still won't find it I keep finding it and then it won't connect right it says not connected instead of Auto or Manual on the View Wireless Networks and it says dissconect but in Network Connections it says not connected and its annoying. The very weird thing is if you restart the laptop sometimes it auto connects and it works but then in 0-5 mins it drops with no security on anything. Any ideas Faulty Router even though its only like at the very most 6 months old the laptops about 8 months rufly so whats up I want to smash the lot!!! I am MAD!!! >:(

  Freddog 10:43 02 Nov 2005

And Just no wireless at all nothing poof no security I may aswell use a piece of poo in place of that router.

  sawest 10:52 02 Nov 2005

Might be worth trying to change the ssid in the router & checking to see if security is completely disabled - WPA is (Wi-Fi Protected access) so sounds like you still have security enabled.

Disabling wireless security in the router & changing the ssid should force the laptop to find the new network (ssid), also make sure that broadcast ssid is checked too (at least temporarily). Once you have the laptop connected you can then set-up your wireless security.

  sawest 11:05 02 Nov 2005

Sorry, forgot this part. Once you have changed the settings in the router and accepted them - reboot the router.

  Freddog 11:21 02 Nov 2005

I tried changing the ssid from "Belkin54g" to "Reynolds Wireless" and it didn't work BUT the Broadcast ssid was disabled so I clicked that Thank You I am doing it now!!

  Freddog 11:21 02 Nov 2005

Oh and now its HIGH security time!!!

  Freddog 11:22 02 Nov 2005

Using the Wireless now thank you

  sawest 11:23 02 Nov 2005

No worries, glad to assist!

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