wireless lan pc not seeing other pc

  01chris 20:25 26 Apr 2005

i have a windows xp home laptop and a windows 98 laptop that are "kind of" wirelessly networked. I first made a network on the windows 98 computer which the windows xp computer picks up and says it has connected to and sure enough when i move one laptop away from the other the signal strength drops slightly. But when i look in my network places and click on view workgroup computers it will not show any pc's (not even itself). If i start a network from the xp laptop the windows 98 laptop will connect to it but on the xp machine when i click view workgroup computers it will only show itself. When I open network neighborhood and click entire network on the windows 98 machine it says "Unable to browse the network, The network is not accessible....". I have made sure both computers are part of the smae workgroup and ahve disabled windows firewall. Can anyone shed any light on this?

  01chris 20:27 26 Apr 2005

it is a pier to pier network i am trying to run so i have no access point etc. i want them to connect directly to each other

  mgmcc 15:31 27 Apr 2005

Have you configured both wireless adapters to use "Ad Hoc" networks (peer to peer), set them to the same SSID (network name) and the same channel number? It can be a bit fiddly to get them to connect initially, so keep scanning for available networks and try rebooting PC1 while PC2 is still running and then do the same with PC2.

If you are using "Internet Connection Sharing" with one of the PCs, this will automatically configure its Network Adapter with the IP address subnet mask and the "client" PC gets its address automatically from the "host". However, if the "host" PC already has a "wired" network adapter installed, this should be disabled prior to setting up Internet Connection Sharing, otherwise it, and not the wireless adapter, will get the address.

If you are not using Internet Connection Sharing, just File/Printer sharing over the network, you need to allocate fixed IP addresses to both wireless adapters. For example:

PC1 IP - subnet mask

PC2 IP - subnet mask


PC1 IP - subnet mask

PC2 IP - subnet mask

  01chris 19:14 06 Jan 2006

I have a router now so there is no problem

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