Wireless LAN help needed PLEASE...

  Xevious 21:10 14 Jun 2004

strange one. to me anyway, you'll probably spot the easy thing i've missed out... lol

customer is setting up a wireless LAN with USR kit. has 2x desktops and 1x laptop. he purchased a PCMCIA wireless card for laptop, PCI wireless card for desktop 1, and USB wireless adapter for desktop 2.

desktop 1 is connected to ADSL, but that's irrelevant for now...

all 3 PC's show connection, as in the signal is shown as "strong" or "excellent" but i cannot ping either of them from any other PC/laptop.

firewalls all disabled...

all have winXP so should be easy enough...! tried the connection wizard thingy and that doesn't help either, works on desktop 1, but configuring others then it won't find an IP. if i then set static IP addys on the other 2 on the same range as #1, this still doesn't work. all are on same workgroup. still no ping or connection.

on desktop 1, if i ping (which queries it's own loopback address) then that's fine. if i then ping it's IP addy then i get timed out... WHY???

can someone plz tell me what i'm missing? i did have this working 2 weeks ago but all of a sudden it aint working anymore (who knows what the user did! lol)

any help would be appreciated!



  Xevious 22:15 14 Jun 2004

bump? anyone please?

  NT Server 22:37 14 Jun 2004

There was a WPA update for XP pro. have you installed it. It some times stops the connection, also turn of the XP Zero wireless config in services that will stop your wireless connection.

  Xevious 23:07 14 Jun 2004

thx for the response, will look for that, tho not quite sure what to look out for! (that's news to me!)

will do a search on XP Zero wireless service...

  Xevious 21:58 16 Jun 2004

i just can't think at the mo... do i need to have a wireless router/hub in order for the network to operate? or can it work without? (ignore the ADSL connection, let's just talk about the LAN)


  johnsims 22:11 16 Jun 2004

A big definite yes.
You would be well served to buy a combo ADSL modem and wireless router. USR or Netgear would be my pick, probably come down in favour of USR as you already have USR cards etc.

  johnsims 22:13 16 Jun 2004

Further thought. Make sure when you connect the router that you change the SSID from the default. Everyone knows the default SSID and that makes it easy for an unauthorised bod to get into the network.

  Xevious 23:59 16 Jun 2004

thanks for the tip, but this is new to me, can you plz explain about SSID?

i gather what it's about, but how/where do i change it, and in which format is it/should it be?

will also do a google search to find out more.

once again, thx!

  Xevious 10:32 18 Jun 2004

found and stopped the XP Zero wireless service, this stopped the wireless cards from working alltogather! so i guess that's not it then.

quite simply: the wireless device shows a connection, but i can't ping or browse the network at all.

any other ideas? anyone? please?

  Gaz 25 11:55 18 Jun 2004

Disabled any firewalls?

  Gaz 25 11:56 18 Jun 2004

Sorry just noticed you have disabled them.

Well are the IPs set to get the addresses from the DHCP?

If so try manually setting them and restarting and using the gateway and dns as yuor routers address.

If that aint work, then use DHCP and restart. Obtain automatically that is.

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