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  [DELETED] 11:31 25 Nov 2003

plz advise, thinking about going into the wireless LAN idea, what speeds do they currently run at?

do you have any usefull links i can look at that shows how they work, or prices?

thx all!!!!

  [DELETED] 14:52 25 Nov 2003

Wireless Lans work a treat, depending on what your setup is to be the equipment costs about £100 from most suppliers.

Required - Router / Pc or inbuilt network card for main desktop/pci wireless cards for remote desktop and PCMCIA cards for laptop. Can use USB adapters too.

Look at Practically networked click here for tips

Speed is fast, occasional reconnects needed when working remotely not having used the connection, eg. typing. Standards - 802.11B is slower than 802.11g but allegedly has shorter range.

Security and firewall setup can be a pain but if you work through it will come good in the end.

  [DELETED] 15:03 25 Nov 2003


what it is is as follows:
(not actually for me but i'm going to help with the purchase and installation)
main pc on 1st floor, 2nd pc on same floor in another room, 3rd pc (laptop) in basement...
he has an ADSL router / modem / firewall / gateway (all in one) which will need to be shared out. will the basement laptop be out of range? signal going through the floors and all that...

i figured as much that will need NIC (wireless) in all 3...etc but would need to know if it will or won't be out of range... :-(

i guess it's hard to judge. can the network traffic still travel at 100Mb? i see on a lot of kits it shows 10Mb...?

  [DELETED] 21:45 25 Nov 2003

If you go with 802.11g it might be out of range as all reports say its much faster but shorter range DOUBLE check before you buy for the specs. I have 802.11b and am in the Loft Office typing away connection reports 11mb/and v.good signal.
in bedroom, excellent signal and in the garden excellent signal from a PC at ground level.

dependant on wall thickness 11b can go about 90 yards.

I have read about external antenna (£60) which vastly improve range - so much so that if you dont watch security all your neighbours will be online with your connection. I have a linksys etherfast Wrouter which was painless to setup and is painless to monitor, logs are a pain.

One BUT the US customers have major problems with firmware upgrades - dont do it if you have no problems.

If he already has a router you can use that with added wireless connections, eg main pc wired and others linked by wireless thats how I do it. (also it has been known to construct your own antenna using easily available parts) if your wireless gateway has a removeable aerial.

All the best good luck.

  gold 47 12:19 26 Nov 2003


  [DELETED] 08:53 27 Nov 2003

thx v much for your tips, i will go see him shortly and have a further look. thx again.

it's not AOL BROADBAND but it is BT... why do you say it won't work with AOL???

  gold 47 21:52 29 Nov 2003

That is what i was told by AOL tech support i had in mind a wireless router for myself but as i said
i was told that AOL was not compatible with these wireless routers so i wasn't wasting money finding

  [DELETED] 08:39 01 Dec 2003

thx for the warning, not that it makes any sense to me at all... maybe someone else can shed some light on this?

maybe AOL didn't want to have to support their product if it's on wireless if anything went wrong...???

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