Wireless keyboards and safe mode

  terryf 09:33 24 Feb 2006

I have a wireless keyboard and find that pressing F8 to get to safe mode does not work. I plug in a wired keyboard when I need to re-boot into safe mode and Pressing F8 on that works fine and then I am able to use the up-down keys to select safe mode from the menu. I did not need to instal thge additional keyboard, Win XP seems to recognise it until the drivers for the wireless keyboard and mouse are loaded. I also have Trueimage and when restoring from the Emergency Boot CD a wired mouse needs to be plugged in. THese facts may be obviuos when you know about them but may save time and frustration if you didn't

  Sibbo 11:31 24 Feb 2006

I have the same problem terryf. If anybody knows the answer, please respond.

  rmcqua 11:36 24 Feb 2006

This is because, at the time you press F8, early during the boot up process, the PC has not reached the stage where the wireless keyboard is functioning. Same for the wireless mouse issue.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 11:56 24 Feb 2006

I do not have this prob and I have a wireless setup, are your F keys working as F keys and not in another function (F-Lock key)as my F8 becomes a save function when the alternative mode is used.

  terryf 12:03 24 Feb 2006

Yes I did realize that it was because the relevant drivers were not loaded at that stage, I just posted this in case anyone was looking for a solution to what might seem an insuperable problem

  carmel dukas 19:16 03 Mar 2006

so i guess no one have found yet a solve to this problem and non of the company said that they have a solution.
well what about the blue tooth ? are they have the same problem?

  lester1 20:39 03 Mar 2006

I have the same problem with my Microsoft wireless kit.

I find that if you press and hold in the power button during boot up when the Windows logo appears the PC will restart in safe mode

  woodchip 20:44 03 Mar 2006

Check your BIOS to see if USB Keyboard Mouse is enabled

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