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Wireless Keyboard/mouse problem

  Simsy 08:23 26 Mar 2003

Hi chums...

I've just bought a cordless mouse/keyboard combination,(bought from e-buyer as a result of a bargain price being pointed out somewhere on these pages.. thanks), and have encountered a little annoyance....

It's a common receiver unit that plugs into both keyboard and mouse ps/2 sockets. Independantly they work fine, but if I want to perform an action that involves both tools, such as "shift and right click" to bring up "open with...." on the right click menu, or "shift and mouse click delete" to bypass the recycle bin, It doesn't work. I assume the receiver can't handle signals from both the keyboard and mouse at once.

The kit is a "Labtec Wireless Desktop",

Anyone have a resolution? I know I can use the recyle bin then empty it, or open the application and then the file, (in the two examples I've used above), but I just wonder is there another way?

Thanks in anticipation,



  Simsy 08:43 26 Mar 2003

don't know why I didn't think of that!

I hadn't installed any software/drivers at all as it seemed to be working OK with the standard stuff!



  Simsy 09:22 27 Mar 2003

The drivers suggestion wasn't the issue. The work around is to use the windows "mousekeys" function, where key presses act as mouse clicks.

"Mousekeys" has to be enabled for this to work. This is done via Control Panel>Accessibility Options>Mouse.

When this is done the following buttons act as mouse clicks;

Left click = "5" Right click = "-" (minus)

Double left click = "+"

and there are some other combinations. Below is the text of an e-mail I received from Labtec support;

Thank you for using Labtec's Electronic Technical Support. My name is
Humberto. The following information addresses your original question.
You may wish to print this out and/or save this on your computer.
Please refer to the Help file in Windows for more information on
using your keyboard and mouse together.
For your convenience:
To click by using MouseKeys
Make sure MouseKeys is turned on.
To click the mouse, press the 5 key on your numeric keypad.
To double-click the mouse, press the plus key (+)
on your numeric keypad.
To click as if you were using the right mouse button, press the minus
(-) key on your numeric keypad, and then press the 5 key to click or
the + key to double-click.
To click as if you were using both mouse buttons at once, press the
asterisk (*) key on your numeric keypad, and then press the 5 key to
click or the + key to double-click.
To switch back to standard clicking, press the backslash (/) key on
your numeric keypad.
If you have additional technical questions regarding your product,
please visit our web site at click here and submit your question.
Thank you for your interest in Labtec Products.
Labtec Technical Support

I hope this helps anyone who was having the same problems as I.



  Simsy 09:31 27 Mar 2003

My examples weren't quite right....

for right click it's "-" and "5"

Sorry for any confusion,



  Simsy 22:13 30 Mar 2003

it seems that they will work together after all.

The problem was/is that I had the receiver significantly nearer to the keyboard than the mouse... so much so that when a keyboard button was held down, the transmitted signal was drowning out that of the mouse. Moving the receiver closer to the mouse has cleared the problem completely!



ps... it's not all sweet however... it's really frustrating not havig eithe a "Caps lock" or "Num lock" button!!

  Simsy 09:38 01 Apr 2003

How do you get that madboy33? Is it some other software that I can download from somewhere?

Monkeshine... no I don't... but It would be nice!

Thanks in anticipation,



  Simsy 14:17 01 Apr 2003

So it's software that came with your keyboard then?

Does the indication stay there, or does it just flash up as you do it?

Something that stays in the systray would be nice!



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