Wireless keyboard not working.

  Fluke2910 18:59 08 Dec 2014

I have a new wiresless keyboard to go with my new pc. The keyboard however doesnt seem to want to work. It is an a4tech GR-85, I know, lucky me :p. The wireless mouse it came with is all set up and working so the problem isnt the dongle. The keyboard device properties say device configured and device started but the keyboard still does nothing. I think the keyboard may be faulty but I would like to be certain before I seek a replacement. Any help would be appreciated, and please feel free to laugh at my lack of technical knowledge in the mean time. Thank you.

  Fluke2910 21:03 08 Dec 2014

Thank you for helping. I have already been to their website unfortunately. I dont require drivers it seems. I have also scoured the interweb and come up empty.

  compumac 22:03 08 Dec 2014


  Fluke2910 23:40 08 Dec 2014

Thank you all for the help. The keyboard should be compatable as it came with the PC. I am on Windows 8.1 by the way. I used the batteries supplied and some other new - albeit very cheap - batteries I had lying around. I think I will contact currys tomorrow and see if they can/will do anything to help. I might get some new decent batteries as well first just to check but I really dont think thats it. Thank you all for the help, its good to know in a way I am not just being an idiot and doing something wrong.

  [DELETED] 03:15 09 Dec 2014

From the user manual- click here this may be worth trying,.
Software Instructions How to Pair the Wireless Devices The keyboard have been preset the ID Code in the factory. But under the circumstances you lose receiver or want to use with the other receiver in the same product series, you need to refresh the ID Code before using it. Step 1: Right click on the icon in the taskbar and select “Pair ID Program”

Step 2: Press “Start Pair ID” to refresh ID Code.

Step 3: Remove the keyboard batteries and insert again in 15 seconds 6 digits of matching code will be displayed on the menu as shown “Keyboard Pair ID OK”.

  spuds 10:42 09 Dec 2014

Get some good quality batteries (not zinc) or even rechargeables, and see if that works (it usually does), after you have consulted the retailer for advice and possible replacement.

Batteries can be a problem,and its usually the first source to check, no matter how new the device is, or the expiry date on the battery.

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