Wireless keyboard and mouse on USB port

  [DELETED] 16:47 11 Feb 2007

Hi folks - my reputation as the local PC fixer is at stake. A friend asked me reformat his hard drive and reinstall Windows XP because the computer was getting troublesome, and to fit a USB2 card. His motherboard is an elderly Syntax SV266A which uses the VIA KT266A chipset. This is known to be somewhat troublesome in USB operation, which is why I suggested the NEC USB2 card. All appears to be working well except that of all the USB ports available - 4USB1 ports on the motherboard rear panel, 4 USB2 ports on the PCI card, 1 USB1 port on the case front from the motherboard and 1 USB2 port on the case front from the PCI card internal connector, his Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 1000 will only work on the front panel USB1 port. I wouldn't have been surprised if only one set of ports worked or none of them, but for only one to work effectively rules out either a hardware or driver problem. Any ideas will be very welcome.

  Stuartli 16:53 11 Feb 2007

Check out click here for advice and potential links to USB driver downloads.

  [DELETED] 20:07 11 Feb 2007

Hi Stuartli. Thanks for the reply. I don't know what USB drivers would help. I installed the latest recommended VIA motherboard drivers for the KT266A chipset and the latest version of Intellipoint and Intellitype for the mouse and keyboard. Also, surely if it was a driver issue none of the USB ports would work with the Optical Desktop 1000. I tested several of the USB ports with a USB flash drive.

  [DELETED] 08:45 12 Feb 2007

I have advised the owner of the computer to try new batteries and if that doesn't help to try changing the channel. I doubt that either will help but can't think of any other ideas yet.

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