wireless internet for a whole city

  m361855 21:07 10 Oct 2013

Hello, I need to build a wireless network internet for a city, with minimal antenna s used how to do that and what are the best antennas? thanks

  alanrwood 12:25 11 Oct 2013

I would have thought that if you had been appointed to do this job you would not have needed to ask this question. Either this is a wind up or whoever appointed you did not really investigate your competence before doing so.

  m361855 07:20 12 Oct 2013

Whatever the background of my question, I asked for help, so please if you have an answer post it or otherwise help another person..

  alanrwood 09:36 12 Oct 2013

If you were more upfront on this maybe someone might help but at the moment it looks more like you are wanting someone else to do a university project for you

  Forum Editor 11:40 12 Oct 2013

Please provide us with more information, specifically the city location, it's approximate population, and the area of coverage required.

We'll also need estimates of peak bandwidth requirements.

What you describe can be a complex operation, and we'll need more to go on before we can really be of help.

  alanrwood 13:12 12 Oct 2013


It is precisely because such details were not forthcoming that I was suspicious. Anyone who is tasked with this project should have appreciated the complexity and given such details initially.

  Forum Editor 09:28 13 Oct 2013


Bear in mind the fact that in some countries the word 'city' is applied to quite small communities.

  m361855 15:07 18 Oct 2013

Yes sorry guys for my late reply, the area we want to cover is about 6 square kms, and 3000 expected users, and as alanrwood said it is a small community, thanks

  Forum Editor 19:19 20 Oct 2013

Where is this small community?

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