Wireless Internet Puzzle

  wilf3102 19:12 06 Jan 2005

Hi there,

Im currently connected to my DLink 604+ Router using my integrated Acer Laptop.
I achieve 11 Mbps which i find difficult to grasp - when having a 54Mbps connection possibility, on a 512 BB connection.

I bought a wireless adapter card before i had this laptop, and i can get 22MBps from it, in this laptop.

Is this speed reduction of the integrated adapter due to a setting within the adapter - can i change it?
I have it encrypted to 128-bit - could this slow the connection?

The laptop is newer than the Network card and so i thought it would have featured the same or better wireless features.

Secondly, i can connect to my friends wireless router over the road at a higher bit rate - 48Mbps, than i can to my own router 10 feet away (only 11Mbps).
This leads me to believe that the setup of my integrated adapter and router are not set up to their capability.

can you confirm this for me. I hate asking my friend if i can connect to his router - when i have all the (hopefully, capable) technology here at home.

Many thanks.

  LeadingMNMs 19:23 06 Jan 2005

I believe that what your saying is that you can connect to your router at 11Mbps and your neighbours at 48Mbps. If this is the case then it has to be a setting within the router since all other hardware is the same.

Two possibilites, your own router is not 802.11g and so works at a lower speed, or there is a setting that limits the bandwidth of the connection. The third option, that I've just added is a bit of options 1 and 2.

However, you should remember that your sharing a 0.5Mbps connection, so the extra speed doesn't really matter since even at the lowest speed it is 22 times faster than your Internet connection.

  wilf3102 19:37 06 Jan 2005

i understand a bit more now.

I realise not that my internet is 512 Kbps, and so my 11mbps is more related to the networking speed that the internet connection speed.

i think i just freaked out when i saw that i was getting faster speeds elsewhere.

I will still see if i can configure my adapter - but i am satisfied that i am not losing internet speed.

P.s Can you suggest what specifically i need to check - so i can see if i can optimise my adapter connection to my router.

Kind regards

  LeadingMNMs 19:44 06 Jan 2005

I have no idea what the setting will look like, my own router doesn't support anything like that.

Is your router supposed to work at 54Mbps or is it slower than that. 802.11b runs at 11Mbps, 802.11g at 54Mbps and 802.11a at something (can't remember).

  wilf3102 21:01 06 Jan 2005

My DLink 604+ claims to run at 54Mbps.

I'll have a search on the Web-based Maintainence screen and see what settings i can modify.

Thanks for your help,


  toni b 21:33 06 Jan 2005

Some routers will work at the lowest speed of the lowest connection to the network. For example if one person connected to the wireless network has a 54g carda and one has 11b card some then some routers will automatically step down. Read that some time ago in pc advisor may or may not be relevant ?

  steven_frost 22:37 06 Jan 2005

I think you'll find he DSL604+ is only 802.11b not a802.11g as i own one

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