wireless internet problem

  guitarhero123 15:24 10 Jul 2005

I have a dell wireless 2350 broadband router and a thomson speedtouch 330 modem and have connect them to my main computer .I have tried to access the internet on the comupter i have in my room but it didnt work. I can connect the two computers together and print through them but when i try to access the internet it comes up with "The page cannot be displayed" .I think it might be the settings on my internet browser .Can someone please tell me how to fix this problem. i am not great on computers. Thanks

  mgmcc 16:52 10 Jul 2005

If you are using a wireless router with ADSL broadband, it should be a combined "Router/ADSL Modem" which connects directly to the phone line and then either wirelessly or by ethernet cable to the PC(s).

You cannot use a USB ADSL modem in conjunction with a router and it is the router, not one of the PCs, that connects directly to the ISP. The networked computers then get their internet access over the LAN from the router.

It sounds as though you have a main PC connecting to the internet with the USB modem and are using the router as a simple "network switch" to connect the two PCs. That will let you run File/Printer sharing but will not let the second PC get online.

You could get online with the second PC by setting up "Internet Connection Sharing" in the Host PC but that totally defeats the purpose of having a router.

  guitarhero123 20:20 10 Jul 2005

thank you so much for your reply. You are correct in you assumption - we do have a dell 2350 router which is connected to the computer, via an ethernet cable (this was recommended by Dell's Technical support dept themselves). Everything is set up correctly i am sure of that as I have the correct lights on in their tutorial. I can file print share, and I can see only one computer on the host computer, which is the one that can sometimes connect to the internet - but for only short periods of time (ie five mins) the other computer which is approx 9 -10 metres away from the host) says it is connected to the internet (but not a great signal - says it is weak) and can not display a page -ie server can not find page is displayed. However, the computer that can file printer share, has two wireless connections, one can easily file printer share and has a very strong signal, whereas the other wireless connection available connects to the internet but for only very short periods of time as above - I have compared the setting on both these connections, and they appear to be the same, I find this very unusal and hope this will be able to give you more information into the problem to be able to give me more advice on my next step. Thank you so much,your help is greatfully appreciated as I am very frustrated at the moment. I look forward to hearing from you soon...Lewis

  selfbuild 21:43 10 Jul 2005

The easy way would be to get yourself a single port ethernet modem/router such as this one click here and do away with the USB modem that you have now.

All you would then have to do is connect the modem/router to Dell's wireless router and configure it (I'm using a 4 port modem/router connected to a Dell wireless router, so know it can be done). It will be alot simplier to setup and you don't have to have the main PC on aswell to be able to use the internet.

  guitarhero123 12:17 11 Jul 2005

Dont you think it is strange though, how i can sometimes connect to the internet. I must be doing something right?

  guitarhero123 15:11 12 Jul 2005

So is i bought the single port ethernet modem/router how wold i then link it to my dell wireless router. Would i have to buy any cables because i have already spent £15 on buying an belkin ethernet adaptor, which is a USB male to a RJ45 female.

  selfbuild 19:26 12 Jul 2005

If you were to buy the single port ethernet modem/router... all the cables you would need should come with it. All you would have to do is to is to connect the modem/router to the internet port on the wireless router.

You may have to connect the modem/router to your PC directly first in order to setup your internet connection and changing the password of the modem/router by logging into the web based interface before using the two together.

If you need more info just ask....

  guitarhero123 19:58 12 Jul 2005

Thanks for your help selfbuild i appreciate it a lot. I will buy that bit of kit you suggested. However, you know the router page that you get from internet explorer (mines well i can never seem to access it and i was wondering if that could be part of the problem i am having, the only time i have ever accessed it is on one of the clients computers......strange. Oh well, if that is why i cannot access the internet, how do i access the routers page????

  guitarhero123 21:57 12 Jul 2005

Dear Selfbuild before I buy that extra bit of kit you recommend I thought I had better explain - my internet connection configuration is like this - (It was a question Dell asked me before I bought their router, as they originally said their router would not work unless the internet connection pluged into the computer directly) My internet connection comes out of the telephone socket, and then into my speedtouch modem, which then plugs into my PC using a USB port. When I went back to Dell and explained this configuration, they told me it would be fine as long as I purchased a Belkin USB - RJ45 connection thingy, which I did, so my configuration works like this:-
internet connection comes out of wall and into speedtouch modem, speedtouch modem then has USB cable out of that which goes into back of my PC. Dell router has cable from the internet connection port running from router to USB also in back of my PC, and has cable running from the LAN1 connection running from router into Belkin10/100 Ethernet adapter, which then has another USB cable out other end into my PC - so three USB's in the back of my PC. All the correct lights are displayed on the router, but as I said computer sharing between main computer and one other, but not for the second machine, and no internet connections - does that help, and would that extra bit of kit work now you know my configuration. As I have already explained I seem to be paying for all these bits and connectors (just purchased a female to female USB adapter, under advice from Dell Tech support) and not sure what to do with that, so it is still in packet!!! Thanks again Selfbuild and I look forward to your reply - (not too much of a headache for you I hope) Guitarhero

  guitarhero123 19:08 14 Jul 2005

Someone please help

  selfbuild 19:49 15 Jul 2005

That's a very complicated setup you have there. USB isn't the best way for networking as you have found out.... far too many cables involved to and from your PC....

On the back of the router there is a small reset button that you can push by using a paper clip or similar. Disconnect the power from the wireless router and then press the button and hold in for 20 seconds. Reconnect the power to the wireless router and wait for it to settle (let the lights stop flashing). Now try accessing the routers web page (the username and password will be the default ones).

It may pay you to connect to the wireless router using the ethernet cable rather than the USB cable to access the router just to rule out any problem with the router.

Let us know how you get on....

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