wireless internet connection over long distance

  bobfan 22:19 13 May 2007

For some time now I have had the PC I use for work connected wirelessly to our home PC to share internet access via a router and PC card.
These two PC have been in adjoining rooms.
We have just built a new garage with an office on the side. The two PC are now some distance apart and two the signal has to go through 2 external walls.
I'm now getting no signal on the works PC. Is there a router or PC card that someone can recommend that will give me increased performance to enable me to share the internet connection?
The router I’m using is Actiontec 54Mbps & I have an 8mg ADSL connection from UKonline.

  setecio 22:31 13 May 2007

The Netgear Rangemax click here and Rangemax Next click here get good reviews for distance performance, but they would need their appropriate PC cards as well.

The cheapest and best performance would be to run an ethernet cable out to the new office. Bury it or supend it high up, and then just replace it if it rots or gets eaten/chewed after a few years, (and remember this if the connection stops).

  phono 22:34 13 May 2007

Sound advice from setecio.

  bobfan 22:45 13 May 2007

Thanks for the reply setecio ethernet not really practical as it will have 2 cross the drive but I will look into the routers you listed, thanks for you help!

  phono 22:52 13 May 2007

You could also look at wireless repeater or relay devices, do a Google search.

  bobfan 23:08 13 May 2007

Thanks phono looks like an option!Will look into it!

  woodchip 23:13 13 May 2007

You can get Wireless boosters or go for the 240volt mains networking bits

  bobfan 09:24 14 May 2007

Thanks Woodchip like the idea of the 240volt wall plugs, not heard of these before! Sounds like the ideal solution but the mains supply for my office in the garage is on a seperate ring mains, even got its own fuse board. Will these plugs still work?

  Graham. 10:14 14 May 2007

Bear in mind the range is about 200 metres for these devices. The separate ring mains should not be a problem, indeed you should protect the network, as your neighbours could access it if they have a similar setup.

  FreeCell 10:34 14 May 2007

click here

Example of ethernet over ring main devices.
Hope it helps

  setecio 12:22 14 May 2007

The seperate mains ring will be a problem. It is the scenario in which they won't work.

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