Wireless Internet Connection?

  Gaz W 22:11 03 Apr 2003

Is it possible to get a wireless internet connection for a laptop that works ANYWHERE in the country, and if so how much does it cost? This might seem like a silly question but I really have no idea! I searched on Google but the results were confusing when I don't know what to look for!

  Bacon & Eggs 22:38 03 Apr 2003

As far as I'm aware, the closest thing to what you are describing is a satellite modem. Cost: Lots (i have no idea.)

You will probably have heard lots about Wi-Fi/WLAN/etc - this is effectively a short-range wireless internet connection, but *only* works when you're within range of a transmitter 'hot-spot'. Currently these are quite few and far between but getting more every week, with plans to put them in pubs, McDonalds, airport departure lounges (Birmingham's already done, thus probably others...) and other places. Intel's new Centrino chipsets (see TV ads) are effectively internal Wi-Fi 'modems'.

Lost still? Take a read here if you haven't already...

click here

  Gaz W 21:16 04 Apr 2003

Well, it looks like it will be at least a few years before anything like that becomes more accessible.

Thanks for your help.

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