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  fifelady 22:10 21 Jan 2006

I have just bought a new computer which i want to connect to the internet wirelessly via my old computer.

Internet connection is with a telewest broadband external modem. I have purchased the netgear 54mbps wireless router WGR614 and obviously need something else. My pc currently connects to the modem with a usb cable, the modem has an ethernet connection and has a spare ethernet cable but my pc does not have a slot for this.

The new pc does have a network slot but i dont beleive it has inbuilt wireless connection.

I am thinking, i need to buy a network card for the old computer so i can link the cable to the modem and the router and a wireless adaptor for the new one. Is that right, or is there something else i need, and which would be the best to buy.

  mgmcc 22:48 21 Jan 2006

Yes, you've basically got it right. The router will connect by ethernet cable from its WAN port to the Telewest Cable Modem.

Both PCs then connect to the router, either with an ethernet cable or "wirelessly" so, at the moment, the new PC will be able to connect by ethernet cable and will require a "Wireless Network Adapter" installed if you want to use that method instead. The old PC will need to have either a "wired" or a "wireless" network adapter installed so that it can connect to the router.

<<< I have just bought a new computer which i want to connect to the internet wirelessly via my old computer >>>

Being pedantic, the new computer doesn't connect via the old one. The *router* connects to the internet and both computers get their internet access over the Local Area Network from the router. Each has internet access totally independently from the other.

  gemzie 10:16 22 Jan 2006

Hi! I bought a Netgear wireless router and card yesterday but am having a problem setting up the router. It's telling me I need a wired ethernet cable adapter and I'm not sure what that is!

My internet connection is Tiscali Broadband and the modem is connected via usb cable in the back of my laptop.

I have connected the wireless card up and it detects a very faint connection but nothing big enough to be able to use it without the router.

Really need help!!!

  fifelady 10:43 22 Jan 2006

Thanks for the response mgmcc. Re the pedantics, i think i put it that way, just to get over the fact that although it would probably be easier the other way around, the old pc is the one in the room with the modem. As much as i would like to have the new one there, the kids just wont have it lol.

Do i have to open up the old computer to put this card in and is that difficult. Bearing in mind this lady took 4 days to build the flat pack computer desk.

  mgmcc 11:26 22 Jan 2006

<<< Do i have to open up the old computer to put this card in and is that difficult. >>>

Normally, you would open up the PC and plug a PCI network card into a spare slot in the motherboard, after removing the "blanking" plate from the back of the PC. This is replaced by the card's own plate with the RJ45 ethernet port on. If that worries you, there are USB network adapters for both "wired" and "wireless" connections.

USB Wireless Network Adapters are readily available "off the shelf" from any PC retailer. USB "wired" adapters are less common but there are a few here
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