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  johnincrete 18:50 28 Aug 2011

I have moved to a new building. My office is in the basement & I live on the first floor. My daughter is on the second floor and will shortly have a wireless internet connection. What methods are available to me to boost the signal so I can share the connection. There is a conventional phone socket in my office that connects to the socket in my apartment so can I in some way pick up the wireless signal in my apartment and send it down the wire to my basement office?

As with all new buildings here, the construction is reinforced concrete with lots of steel rebar. Additionally, the owner who is an electrical contractor has put in a substantial amount of wiring for lights, power and security. I get no mobile phone reception in my office but its OK in my apartment. My grandchildren say that, in their 2nd floor apartment, they can pick up the wireless signal from neighbours. I should add that my internet use is mainly text based i.e. I have no interest in watching movies or TV on my computer so I don't need any super-duper ultra fast connection - which is just as well because fast internet is not available in Crete even via ADSL.

  Nontek 19:07 28 Aug 2011

If your Mains wiring and your daughters' Mains wiring are on the same circuit, running through a shared Mains Meter, then it just MIGHT be possible using a Home Plug from Solwise - though this is in UK, not sure about in Crete.


I do have my doubts, but maybe worth looking at.

  johnincrete 15:00 29 Aug 2011

Not possible through the mains. Each apartment has its own meter. Each room has its own circuit and fuse unlike the UK ring main idea. Thanks for the suggestion

  onthelimit1 16:29 29 Aug 2011

In which case, I don't think there's any way.

  c4rm0 16:33 29 Aug 2011

A Wireless Repeater should do the Job it will extend the range of your wireless network

  Woolwell 16:43 29 Aug 2011

Could you get the builder to put in an ethernet cable down to your office?

  Forum Editor 17:39 29 Aug 2011

I'm with Woolwell on this.

Run an ethernet cable from your daughter's floor to your basement office, and the problem is solved. You can run another cable to your first floor accommodation while you're about it.

  johnincrete 16:27 02 Sep 2011

Thanks Woolwell & Editor.

Please excuse my ignorance but what does the ethernet cable connect to?

My daughter will have a wireless modem. At my old place, there was a cable from the external ADSL modem to my computer - the modem came as part of the ADSL package & was returned to the phone company when I left the old place. Do I need to buy a modem? I have a device that plugs into the USB and picks up a wireless signal

  Woolwell 16:34 02 Sep 2011

The router should have ethernet ports on it. You connect one end of the cable to the router and the other to your pc.

You probably have a USB dongle that picks up a wireless signal. It may not pick up a good enough signal in the basement. If it does pick up a good signal then you don't need to do anything more.

ps did you sort out your projecting problem?

  woodchip 17:03 02 Sep 2011

You should get a Ethernet Crossover Cable, not just a Ethernet Cable. this will or should plug into her Wireless Router and you should Have a Ethernet Port on you Laptop

  Woolwell 19:03 02 Sep 2011

Why should he need a crossover cable? That is normally for computer to computer. A straightforward ethernet cable connected to laptop and router will work after all that is the normal way of connecting by cable to a router.

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