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  [email protected]© 16:53 22 Dec 2008

I have a second PC in the house that I want to have access to the internet wirelessly. I have put the PCI card in the back of the PC and all is ok with that. It is connected to the internet but not through my router as it is the wrong one. It must have connected via someone elses in the road. Can they tell we have access and can they see things on our PC?

  Technotiger 16:56 22 Dec 2008

Yes - disconnect from that persons un-secured connection. It is illegal to continue using it.

  Technotiger 17:11 22 Dec 2008

You might find this useful ...

click here

  skidzy 17:19 22 Dec 2008
  Pineman100 18:56 22 Dec 2008

If you know the person whose connection you picked up, you'd be doing them a big favour if you tell them what happened, and suggest that they should immediately encrypt their wireless network, and enable MAC filtering.

  woodchip 19:33 22 Dec 2008

You should be able to find yours in Network Connections in Control Panel. Click on yours and choose connect

  [email protected]© 19:52 22 Dec 2008

Thanks for all your answers, now another question. Like I said I have 2 pcs in the house. One I want to connect directly to the modem with a lead and the other I want to access the internet wirelessly. Can you provide me with links for the correct sort of router I need. I believe I need the modem to connect into the router also my pc as well.

  woodchip 20:12 22 Dec 2008

Why not just buy a Router/Modem! click here Top one also as a matching USB wireless dongle

  woodchip 20:16 22 Dec 2008

I use this one click here

  [email protected]© 20:25 22 Dec 2008

I have to have a seperate modem as my BB is supplied by Virgin and has the same connection as is in the set top box.

  woodchip 20:29 22 Dec 2008

Are you on Cable?

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